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November 24, 2011

Bashar’s Western water carriers

Palestine Freedom Riders


An interesting parallel between Palestine and the Civil Rights struggle in the US

On the 15th of November, six Palestinian activists: Nadeem Al-Sharbate, Huwaida Arraf, Dr.Mazin Qumsieyeh, Fadi Qura’an, Basel Al-Araj, and Badee’ Dwaik, boarded a segregated Israeli bus used by Israeli settlers to Jerusalem in an attempt to highlight the regime of discrimination on freedom of movement in place in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and the fact that Palestinians cannot access Jerusalem freely. After boarding the bus without incidents, the bus was stopped at the Hizme checkpoint, where all the activists were arrested and violently forcibly removed from the bus.

More videos (thank you Mazin Qumsiyeh and his web site (Filmed by ISMers in 4 parts) (from Ann Paq of Activestills)
<>  (collage of
videos from Jewish Voices for Peace) (part 1 ogf four videos from an
ISM activist)

More stories and commentary on the Freedom Rides

Cairo : The police aim at the eyes of the demonstrators

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