Nov 20, 2011 10:12 pm | Philip Weiss

U.S.-made teargas canisters, Tahrir Square, Nov. 20, by Maggie Osama
Tahrir, Nov. 20, KuwaitNews

Egyptian forces have used U.S.-made teargas against peaceful protesters–CSI gas, made by Combined Systems Inc., in the U.S. These photos show as much, and Salon reports: “Egypt uses U.S. teargas on pro-democracy crowds…By Avi Asher-Schapiro”:

This is not the first time CSI ‘s products have been used against Egyptian citizens.  During Egypt’s January revolution,  CSI tear gas was employed by the Mubarak regime against demonstrators in Tahrir Square.

Once again, a mainstream reporter fails to connect repression in one part of the Middle East w/repression of Palestinians.

Adalah-NY documented Israel’s use of CSI gas in Palestine against peaceful protesters, specifically in Bil’in, with lethal consequences. And it showed that CSI’s HQ in Jamestown, PA flies an Israeli flag. Adalah also connected its use in Palestine to Egypt and Tunisia, in this op-ed piece and in this press release.