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October 27, 2011

Briton witnesses torture in Syrian jail


In Syria to day

Thank you True

“20 die in Syria; Assad meets Arab ministers” (TVNZ)

“Syria next ?” (Li Hongmei, Xinhuanet)

“Journalist witnesses Syrian authorities torturing activists” (Sean McAllister, Channel4)

“Turkey’s Hand in the Syrian Opposition” (Michael Weiss, Theatlantic)

“Tension mounts at Lebanon-Syria border” (AFP)

“Nine Syrian soldiers killed by a rocket“ (Ennaharonline)

“Homs, northwest Syria strike to protest crackdown” (Reuters)

“Fall of Syrian government is “unavoidable”: French formin” (Reuters)

“Davutoğlu: Assad following path Gaddafi once walked” (ZAMAN, ANKARA)

“ A dirty dozen of despots” (Andrew Cohen, The Gazette)

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