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October 25, 2011

Stand by me! by Sana Kassem

This video tends to disappear, so hurry !

Goldman Sachs v. Occupy Wall Street: A Greg Palast Investigation


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Syrians speak

118. N.Z. said:

Aboud, responded to a question, “And what of the Syrian people? Are they firmly behind the opposition? They seem rather split”

I cannot but fully agree with Aboud. The humiliating exit of ambassador Ford, as being the only response to junior’s brutality. Here it is what he had to say On Off The Wall blog:

Let’s count all the potential Benghazis the Syrian revolution produced, areas that overwhelmingly came out against the regime before the regime did to them what Qadafi would have done to Benghazi were it not for the grace and mercy of NATO

Hama, Dar’a, Deir el Zour, Idlib, Homs, Rastan, Abu Kamal, Telkelakh, Baniyas, Damascus countryside, Aleppo countryside, Telbisa and Latakia. Yes, the Syrian people seem “split”, those areas only account for like 70% of the entire population.

Once again, “Yes” only has any real meaning when “No” is a realistic alternative. We can’t possibly know for sure what Aleppo’s true feelings are while there is a shabiha gang every 50 meters in the city. But if the regime was so sure about Aleppo, they wouldn’t need such a heavy handed security presence there.

“Anyway, this latest move is just another small step towards a military confrontation”

No, Robert Ford’s ignoble exit from Damascus is exactly what it appears to be; the regime successfully bullying the representative of the world’s sole super power, without suffering any consequences for its behavior. Besho is such a lucky dictator, the entire world has assured him time and again that he won’t be the target of any military action. Heck, they have to keep reassuring him the same way you’d reassure your children that there aren’t any monsters in the cupboard. NATO won’t do crap, and no one is asking for it.

What I want is for the opposition to get united behind a plan of action; a military, armed plan of action. Stop counting the size and frequency of demonstrations, and start counting the number of dead security thugs. A revolution cannot be sustained by a never ending stream of martyrs and stories of victomhood. That way we’d be no better than the Palestinians, who since 1948 have had nothing but victomhood to show for their efforts. I refuse to spend the next 20 years only to end up bitter and hateful of everyone like Angry Arab. Seriously, that guy has totally lost his marbles.

Human beings being what they are, they cannot be expected to live on a diet of doom and gloom. THAT is why the revolution hasn’t faltered in Homs, because we know how badly the security forces have had it in the city ever since Besho declared war on us back in April. I love nothing more than to drive by abandoned checkpoints and police cars. Seriously, some day I think I’ll grab a sand bag or two for my garden.

Empower your side. Let them know there is something tangible they can do. Banish the word “victim” from your language. People need a sense of being able to fight back. The National Council so far has utterly failed in that regard. It is time they stopped being such God damned gentlemen.

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