On Friday October 7th, Mashaal Tammo, a well known activist and a spokesman for the Kurdish Future Party, was martyred by Bashar Assad henchmen in the city of Qamishli. This is another act of aggression not only against the Kurdish and the Syrian democracy movement but against the international community and all the people striving for democracy in the world. The Syrian opposition likes to point out that the blood of Mashaal Tammo and all the other innocent people killed in Syria is on the hands of Bashar Assad and the countries like China and Russia who by their veto of the United Nation Security Council’s resolution breathed confidence into his heinous acts of terror.

The Belgian Committee to support the Syrian revolution calls on the United Nations and all the free countries in the world to condemn the triangle of terror which includes Iran, China and Russia for their inhumane support of the criminal Syrian regime. It is time that the world realized economic interest should not justify massacre of a nation.

The Syrian people will never forget these acts of betrayal at the international level and reiterate their resolve in bringing Freedom and democracy to their country.

October 8, 2011
The Belgian Committee to support the Syrian revolution