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August 21, 2011

Bashar el Assad’s speech 21/08/11

The most famous Arab man: his name is Ahmet Shehata (or Shehat)

This was a huge event over the last day.  Arabic twitter and Facebook was all abuzz about this act by Ahmed Shehata when he climbed the building that houses the Israeli embassy and took down the Israeli flag.  It was followed lived on Twitter by Arabs worldwide.  The pictures were everywhere and even Aljazeera Mubashar had to show live footage, sensing the significance of the act among the youth.  He was instantly hailed as a hero, and Latuff immortalized him with a cartoon (shown above).  If you want to realize how much you miss by relying on Western media, especially the New York Times and other Zionist media, just compare how huge this event has been in the last 24 hours and this in passing reference in the Times:  “One climbed up the building and took down the Israeli flag, drawing cheers from the crowd.”  This is like describing the sinking of the Titanic as a small incidence at sea.  But I get it: Zionists want to downplay it.  They want to insist that there are no foreign policy goals for the Egyptian uprising.   Watch this video and this video of the event.  (thanks Farah)

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