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August 20, 2011

Anderson Cooper Calls BS On Syrian Ambassador Bashar Ja’Afari

Syrian Revolution 2011 – Official Video – HD Version

Ali Qureshi 19 août 04:21
believe me guys after seeing this video tears came out of my eyes its really heart touching.I am a Pakistani and i would like to assure the syrian people that whole of the Pakistani nation stands besides our syrian brothers who are fighting against the oppressive regime of Bash Alasad may Allah give them courage, strength and determination to keep this movement alive until a true form of democracy is restored in your country. Its worth mentioning here that we have also wrote letters to president of Pakistan to call off its ambassador from Syria as a protest against the Syrian government. its a request to the admin of this page that plz let us know what we can do to help you out

If 1.5 million Jews were locked up in Gaza, where would ‘Commentary’ be on violent resistance? by Philip Weiss on August 19, 2011

If memory serves, one of the lessons of Roger Fisher’s little book International Conflict for Beginners was “settle conflicts early and often.” This isn’t always possible, of course, but his basic insight was that unresolved conflicts are dangerous precisely because they provide opportunities that extremists can exploit, they harden perceptions and images on both sides, and most importantly, they can always get worse. ..

However one sees this situation, a key point to keep in mind is that this sort of thing isn’t going to stop as long as the occupation and the siege of Gaza persists, and as long as one people has a state of their own and the other does not. If the situation were magically reversed and a million-plus Israelis were being kept in the same condition as the Gazans, I’d be astonished if some of them didn’t try to take up arms against whomever was oppressing them. And I’ll bet Commentary magazine would think that such actions would be perfectly okay. That thought-experiment doesn’t justify the murder of innocents, mind you, but it may help us understand where such deplorable actions come from.

Syria : long live the revolution

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