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August 8, 2011

Enough ! Scram yet !

This is what you mean by “reform” ?

Targeted Citizen

The film, Targeted Citizen (15 minutes), written, directed, produced and edited by filmmaker Rachel Leah Jones for Adalah, surveys discrimination against Palestinian citizens in Israel. With the participation of experts Dr. Yousef Jabareen of the Technion and Dr. Khaled Abu Asbeh of the Van Leer Institute, as well as Adalah Attorneys Sawsan Zaher, Abeer Baker and Hassan Jabareen inequality in land and housing, employment, education and civil and political rights are eloquently addressed. These interviews are reinforced by the contrasting informality of on-the-street conversations conducted by Palestinian comic duo Shammas-Nahas and punctuated by the hard-hitting rhymes of Palestinian rap trio DAM. DAMs song Targeted Citizen, was written and recorded especially for Adalah and the film, tells it like it is without missing a beat.

Syria : important video

From the comments
Dear Joshua,
The videoclip that you posted is a cut of the original. It shows proceedings of the tribal meeting that came on the heel of the abduction of Sheikh Shuyookh Syrian tribes Sheikh nawaf AlBasheer.
بيان العشائر في دير الزور ‫29721474

Aug 3, 2011

Here is a transcription of some of the speakers statements
Young tribal member (5 minutes)
– No regime will sign to its surrender.
– Th soldiers, shabbeha and foreign merceneries besieging our city are terrified of us. They think of us as cannibals. This plays into our hands!
– The city of deirAlZor did not have and now does not have arms, as they claim.
– We will be open to negotiating with the regime (About the Sheikh’s arrest). We will extend one hand and guard ourselves with a stick in the other.
– The regime have succeded in subjugating us because we lost faith in God and Jihad. We have regaind them back. There is no going back
– Our elements are urged to head to our strategic points in the city. We have selected them so as our spies can provide advance warning for any impending threat from the regime forces.

– A couiple of days ago a group of us, including lawyers and Doctors met with a delegation from the Army
– Our demands were as follows:
o The release of all political prisnors, prior to the arrest of Sheikh Nawaf
o The withdrawal of Army and security forces from the city.
– The army negotiator replied that they agreed with some tribal benefactors on granting the tribes 20 license plates for automobiles and 5000 job opportunities.
– We rejected their offer as silly.
– The negotiating officer telephoned Officer Riadh Shaleesh and informed him of the tribal meeting demands.
– Shaleesh’s response: The army is in a mission and shall not withdraw.
– The Sheikh concluded by saying: By tomorrow, if our demands are not met we will bring our arms and go down to the city.

A religious tribal member:
– A religious prelude
– Jihad is part of the heritage of the Islamic Umma
– Our Sunni brothers make up the majority of the army; We want them out of the army.
– The regime are forcing our Sunni brothers to kill each other by sending Homsi’s to Kill Deiri’s and Hasakawi’s to kill in dar3awi’s. This should stop.
– We want peace. But if Jihad is forced on us so be it!

Sheikh conclusion remarks
– We welcome and respect the statements of the members
– This regime does not appreciate our peaceful stance and is not serious about dialogue.
– We have been pleading for dialogue for the last 5 months! Alas this regime is bent on staying in power.
– Frankly, as for 3alawis, the mind set of their professors and shepards in this conflict are one and the same.
– Notwithstanding, we have a committee to keep the channel of dialogue, while we stay alert with our guns to defend ourselves.
– We either live proud or die martyrs defending our honour and territories.
– We are proud tribes; when dar3a pleaded for help they addressed the tribes of our city first!
– I ask the able to donate for our cause.

Personal impressions:
– This is a prototypical example of a form of collective councel that is thousands of years old.
– Nowhere in any city in Syria a pre-announced, and organised gatherings can take place under the watchful eyes of the regime.
– It was attended by over a hundred members
– The speakers were representative of the young revolutionists, religious members, and the the tribal chief.
– One of the members had a machine gun strapped to his shoulder. This is nothing recent and has nothing to do with the revolution . They have always been armed.
It is part of their way of life.
– The speech of all members was defiant, with tribal and religious undertones.
This does not represent a intercurrent Salafi trend or infiltration.
It is a true reflection of the conservative mindset of the tribes of Syria.
– The decision is a declaration of rebellion until the approval of the demands of the tribes.

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