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July 2011

Dr. Michio Kaku, Theoretical Physicist: Fukishima Daiichi Nuclear Facility is a “Ticking Time Bomb”


Norway suspect laid out detailed plans for violence against “traitors,” Muslims

Submitted by Ali Abunimah on Sat, 07/23/2011 – 16:54

Anders Behring Breivik saw himself as a holy warrior and crusader engaged in a war against a “Marxist-Islamist alliance” that he feared would take over Europe if not stopped. He hoped by his actions to inspire “thousands” to follow in his path. He described himself as a “martyr” and “resistance fighter.”

He described members of Norway’s Labour Party as “traitors” because of their alleged support of “multiculturalism and Islamisation.” Behring advocated “terror” attacks on mosques, especially during Muslim relgious holidays.

This is according to a 1,500 page manuscript Breivik himself wrote. Norway’s public broadcaster NRK reported on the manuscript and that Breivik had admitted to writing and disseminating it (Google translation of NRK report).

The manuscript consists of hundreds of pages of political analysis and ideology, plus a lengthy diary-like section setting out Breivik’s meticulous planning for yesterday’s attacks. Breivik also extensively cites anti-Muslim Dutch far-right anti-Muslim politician Geert Wilders.

Breivik signed the manuscript in terms which suggested he viewed himself as a crusader:

Andrew Berwick Justiciar Knight Commander
Knights Templar Europe
Knights Templar Norway

Breivik is a strong supporter of Israel and particularly of far-right nationalists such as foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman and his Yisrael Beitenu party. From a rapid assessement there is no indication that his attack was in any way motivated explicitly by such views, although he clearly viewed Israel as being engaged in the same “war” of which he saw himself as a part.

I downloaded a copy of the manuscript from a link provided on Twitter by a Norwegian journalist, however I have decided not to post a copy, because the manuscript in addition to Breivik’s political writings contains detailed instructions for how Breivik obtained guns and manufactured bombs. It also appears from the manuscript that Breivik was planning the attack for several years, including elaborate fronts like his farm business.

Here are however a few excerpts that may shed light on Breivik’s views and motivations:

“Martyr” and “resistance fighter”

In a section about himself, Breivik describes his profession as:

Investor, Director, Manager – founder of several companies, Small business management (including organisational development), political analyst, author, stock analyst/trader. Im unsure whether resistance fighter (Justiciar Knight Commander) and martyr counts as a profession:)

Breivik believed there is a “civil war” in Europe and spectacular attacks were needed

Breivik saw Europe as being engaged in a long “civil war” against his enemies that could last decades and would result in a “coup” in which a European nationalist regime would take over. During this civil war he sees:

Waiting for the right time to strike or create an opportunity. This can be accomplished by arranging incidents (assassinations or terror attacks on mosques during Id celebration etc) which would trigger major Muslim riots. If the riots are violent enough it can serve as a perfect occasion for the coup.

Breivik apparently saw himself as potential martyr in a broader European “resistance movement”:

I know that tens of thousands of brothers and sister all over Europe are fighting the good fight every single day. Fighting the cultural Marxist/multiculturalist alliance every single day. Many have sacrificed everything already; many are incarcerated and some have even martyred themselves. The media never write about their courageous and noble acts and the great majority of us are unknown to most people. The current Western European multiculturalist regimes are doing everything in their power to suppress our actions. Silencing us is their weapon of choice. They systematically and deliberately attempt to blackout everything so that as few people as possible know that there is an ongoing civil war. They do this to prevent recruitment. As history has shown so many times, the tide will turn in our favour when people least expect it. I salute every single brother and sister who contributes day in and day out! You are the true heroes of the conservative revolution! You inspire an increasing number of Europeans to follow in our path. Hadn’t it been for the brave and selfless actions of these European heroes, me and people like me would not have been inspired. I heard your calling and as a result I did my duty as many more will continue to do. Hopefully, I will be able to contribute and inspire others. We will experience many failures and it will get a lot more ugly before it gets better. However, never forget that thousands of brothers and sisters are doing all in their power to ensure our success every single day. We will succeed eventually as multiculturalism is a self-defeating ideology.

Labour Party are “traitors” like Nazis

In an entry dated “Autumn 2008,” Breivik wrote that he attended a birthday party in Oslo and that:

I noticed a majority of these people were Labour Party sympathisers. I guess they don’t really have a choice considering the fact that they are all climbing the public sector hierarchy. A thought occurred. The judges during WW2 who had party affiliations with the NS or any affiliation with the SS [Apparent references to Germany’s Nazi regime or its Norwegian puppet regime at the time] were prosecuted and imprisoned. Is it therefore only fair that judges of high rank with party affiliations to the Labour Party and the other parties who support multiculturalism (and therefore Islamisation) is to be considered category B or C traitors? They obviously have a considerable responsibility and should be considered traitors of their people….

After more such musing, he added:

If only they had any idea that one of their guests was a Justiciar Knight of an organisation affiliated with the Norwegian and European Resistance Movement, I would be thrown out immediately most likely. It is completely understandable as their careers would be over if they had any affiliation with such organisations or individuals.

Breivik hoped to “inspire thousands” with his attack

In a diary entry from 11 June (a period when he was intensively testing explosives) Breivik wrote:

I prayed for the first time in a very long time today. I explained to God that unless he wanted the Marxist-Islamic alliance and the certain Islamic takeover of Europe to completely annihilate European Christendom within the next hundred years he must ensure that the warriors fighting for the preservation of European Christendom prevail. He must ensure that I succeed with my mission and as such; contribute to inspire thousands of other revolutionary conservatives/nationalists; anti-Communists and anti-Islamists throughout the European world.

Testing his bomb

Monday June 13 – Day 43: I prepared a test device today and drove off to a very isolated site. The test bomb was composed of a 3g DDNP primary and a 30g PA secondary. If this test would fail, I would abandon operation A and move forward with the non-spectacular operation B.

I lit the fuse, went out of range and waited. It was probably the longest 10 seconds I have ever endured…

BOOM! The detonation was successful!!!:-) I quickly drove away to avoid any potential unwanted attention, from people in the vicinity. I would have to come back a few hours later to investigate the blast hole, to see if both compounds had detonated.

The need to strike early

Breivik saw the need to move against Muslims and their perceived allies early, when Muslims are still in the minority. As he explains, using Lebanon as an example:

Historically, even though the people have been in great distress and face chaos and bloodshed many people still cling to the hope of peace through appeasement (30% of men, 70% of women). They will simply refuse to contribute to deportations or any other pragmatic/rational and effective solution, something that is simply against their nature (after decades of indoctrination of pacifistic views).

Christian Lebanon is a good example. Instead of striking when they were in majority they waited until the Muslims were in majority. Many Christian groups were sabotaging any rational (war) approach and wanted instead more appeasement. This continued until the civil war finally broke out.

It is unthinkable for these people to make the necessary tough calls (rational decisions). We will illustrate this through the following question:

If you could save 1000 individuals by sacrificing 100 people – would you contribute to indirectly kill these 100?

What did the Oslo killer want?

Posted By Blake Hounshell Saturday, July 23, 2011 – 6:29 PM Share

I have just finished reading through what appears to be the 1,518-page manifesto and handbook of the alleged perpetrator of the worst terrorist attack in Norwegian history.

The manifesto, bylined by someone calling himself Andrew Berwick, is entitled “2083: A European Declaration of Independence” and was posted on, a white supremacist website, and discovered by American blogger Kevin I. Slaughter. [UPDATE: Norwegian TV has confirmed that the author is indeed the Oslo shooter, according to the New York Times.]

In it, “Berwick” declares himself a “Justiciar Knight Commander,” a leading member of a “re-founded” Knights Templar group formed at an April 2002 meeting in London. He claims the founding group has 9 members, whom he does not name, and that three other sympathizers were not able to attend the original meeting.

“Our purpose,” the document reads, is to “seize political and military control of Western European countries and implement a cultural conservative political agenda.”

In grim, apocalyptic language, it advocates attacks on “traitors” across Europe who are supposedly enabling a Muslim takeover of the continent.

“[W]e should… not exceed (per 2010) aprox. 45 000 dead and 1 million wounded cultural Marxists/multiculturalists in Western Europe,” the author writes. “The time for dialogue is over. We gave peace a chance. The time for armed resistance has come.”

The manifesto also provides detailed instructions for everything from making a bomb to raising funds to preparing physically and mentally for what the author describes as a coming three-stage “civil war” between patriotic nationalists and “multiculturalists” who are, wittingly or not, destroying European civilization.

Filled with hateful rantings against Muslims — whom the author claims are on a trajectory to take over Europe and erase its culture patrimony — the writing bears a great resemblence to online comments attributed to Anders Breivik, 32, the confessed perpetrator of a massacre that has so far claimed nearly 100 lives.

The author also claims to be Norwegian, and says that English is not his native language. And at the bottom of the document are several pictures of Breivick in different outfits, including the frogman costume pictured above.

Most suggestive of all, perhaps, is the detailed diary the author kept of his 82-day attempt to secretly build a fertilizer bomb while hiding out at a farm purchased explicitly for that purpose — chronicling his attempts to construct a device that would kill as many people as possible.

Here’s his entry from June 13, when he had his first successful detonation:

I prepared a test device today and drove off to a very isolated site. The test bomb was composed of a 3g DDNP primary and a 30g PA secondary. If this test would fail, I would abandon operation A and move forward with the non-spectacular operation B.

I lit the fuse, went out of range and waited. It was probably the longest 10 seconds I have ever endured…

BOOM! The detonation was successful!!!:-) I quickly drove away to avoid any potential unwanted attention, from people in the vicinity. I would have to come back a few hours later to investigate the blast hole, to see if both compounds had detonated.

Oddly, despite his evident hatred of Muslims and Arabs, “Berwick” professes admiration for al Qaeda, which he lists as one of only two “successful militant organisations” due to its “superior structural adaptation.”

“If Muhammad was alive today,” he writes, “Usama Bin Laden would have been his second in command.”

Elsewhere, he cites al Qaeda’s training manual as a reference, and declares, “Just like Jihadi warriors are the plum tree of the Ummah, we will be the plum tree for Europe and for Christianity.”

In another eerie parallel, he also calls for suicidal operations in service of the larger cause: “Let us be perfectly clear; if you are unwilling to martyr yourself for the cause, then the PCCTS, Knights Templar is not for you.”

(PCCTS, he explains, stands for “Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici” or, in English, “Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon.”)

Chillingly, the manifesto ends:

I believe this will be my last entry. It is now Fri July 22nd, 12.51.

Sincere regards,
Andrew Berwick
Justiciar Knight Commander
Knights Templar Europe
Knights Templar Norway

Eat humble pie, Justin Crump


Boycott Israeli Dates by Friends of Al Aqsa


A Western Photographer in Hama, Syria


On his return from Hama, Syria, where he had traveled with the correspondent Anthony Shadid, the photographer Moises Saman, a nominee for membership in the Magnum Photos collective, spoke by telephone with his colleagues James Estrin and David Furst. Their conversation has been edited and condensed.

Read it here

 ALEC Exposed: Milton Friedman’s Little Shop of Horrors

2011-07-17-Picture20.pngAlthough he passed away in 2006, states are now grappling with many of the toxic notions left behind by University of Chicago economist Milton Friedman.

In her groundbreaking book, The Shock Doctrine, Naomi Klein coined the term “disaster capitalism” for the rapid-fire corporate re-engineering of societies still reeling from shock. The master of disaster? Privatization and free market guru Milton Friedman. Friedman advised governments in economic crisis to follow strict austerity measures, combining radical cuts in social services with the full-scale privatization of their more lucrative assets. Many countries in Latin America auctioned off everything standing — from energy and water utilities to Social Security — to for profit multinational firms, crushing unions and other dissenters along the way.

Now, U.S. states are in crisis. The 2008 Wall Street financial meltdown, caused by years of deregulation and lack of government oversight, cost Americans $14 trillion in lost wealth and eight million lost jobs. Today some 25 million are unemployed or underemployed. This jobs crisis has tanked federal and state tax receipts, adding billions to state budget shortfalls.

As the prime movers of this deregulatory agenda, the GOP spin machine has launched into hyper-drive in an attempt to wash the blood from their hands. Governors across the nation, backed by Wall Street’s Club for Growth and the Koch Brother’s Americans for Prosperity, are working hard to convince average Americans the a jobs crisis is actually a deficit crisis and that the culprits are not the big banks on Wall Street, but state, county and municipal workers.

In lockstep, governors are reaching for an almost identical set of “solutions,” to their financial woes: massive tax breaks for big corporations, constitutional amendments to prevent states from raising revenue, the slashing of critical public services, the busting of unions and the privatization of every possible aspect of government including public schools — long a Friedman agenda item. (See the video here.)

The similarity of these measures has not gone unnoticed, but now we have found the fountainhead of these radical measures: the American Legislative Exchange Council. (ALEC)

ALEC Exposed

This week the Center for Media and Democracy made available to the public over 800 ALEC “model” bills and resolutions on a new website, We display the documents, crafted by corporations, and right-wing state legislators behind closed doors, so that citizens across the country can now trace the origins of many of the radical proposals moving in their states. (Our site contains lists of ALEC members, corporations, task forces, scholars, funders and more.)

Milton Friedman famously said: “Only a crisis — actual or perceived — produces real changes. When the crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around. That, I believe, is our basic function: to develop alternatives to existing policies to keep them alive and available until the politically impossible becomes politically inevitable.” Think of ALEC as Milton Friedman’s little shop of horrors where legislators across the country can easily access the “ideas laying around.”

ALEC is not a lobby, and it is not a front group. It is much more powerful than that. Behind closed doors, corporations hand legislators the law changes they desire that directly benefit their bottom line. Corporations are “equal” members. They have their own corporate governing board which meets jointly with the legislative board. Corporations and trade groups fund almost all of ALEC’s operations directly through hefty membership dues and indirectly through corporate foundations, like the Charles G. Koch Foundation.

Corporations, like Koch Industries, Phillip Morris, Reynolds, Kraft, Wal-Mart, Bayer, Coca Cola, State Farm and more, sit on ALEC task forces and vote with state legislators to approve “model” bills in secret. They wine and dine legislators at swank hotels, with child care provided, fundraisers and other perks pre-arranged. After a swell time, participating legislators — overwhelmingly conservative Republicans — bring the bills home and introduce them into statehouses across the land as their own brilliant ideas and important public policy innovations. ALEC cuts out the middleman and the state legislators themselves become “super lobbyists” for the ALEC agenda.

Disaster Capitalism in the States

In December of 2008, while the economy was shedding hundreds of thousands of jobs a month, one group was treating the catastrophe as a terrific opportunity. Governor Mitch Daniels reminded an ALEC gathering that the collapse of the U.S. economy was “a terrific time to shrink government!”

In 2010, Republicans won the governorship and control of both houses in 21 states. ALEC shock troops swung into high gear. In Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Maine a steady stream of bills emerged from Milton Friedman’s shop.

Starving State Government of Revenue to Make It Dysfunctional and Despised:
ALEC members are introducing hundreds of bills to grant tax breaks to big corporations and to cripple state’s ability to raise revenue, including new constitutional rules to limiting state taxing powers. Grover Norquist would love these lethal proposals.

Privatizing Schools and Other Government Services:
ALEC bills encompass over 20 years of effort to privatize public education through an ever-expanding school voucher system, to turn Medicare and Medicaid into voucher programs,and to privatize almost all aspects of government including toll roads and bridges, pensions, foster care and prisons. Foreign firms like Maquarie and Cintra, which are snapping up U.S. roads and bridges, are also using ALEC to push model bills.

Race to the Bottom in Wages for Americans: ALEC bills would repeal state or local laws that boost workers wages such as “living wage” and prevailing wage laws. ALEC bills call a starting minimum wage an “unfunded mandate” but think that prison labor is just terrific. ALEC also supports a radical “free trade” agenda that sends U.S. manufacturing and an increasing number of service-sector jobs overseas.

Defunding Traditional Supporters of the Democratic Party: ALEC purports to be nonpartisan, but only 1 of 104 legislators in ALEC’s leadership is a Democrat. contains dozens of bills to defund public sector and private sector unions and to make it harder for trial lawyers to bring cases when consumers are injured or killed by dangerous products.

Help Needed!

ALEC’s agenda is vast. These bills and many more are moving in all 50 states. We need your help! Visit today, see the corporations and legislators pursuing this agenda and help us track the bills moving in your state. Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter at #ALECexposed and Take Action to tell the ALEC corporate cabal to “Dump ALEC!”





Where Are They Now – 42min Documentary


(Un)covering Syria

The state of coverage of Syria could not have been worse.  It is a battle of vulgar propaganda between the regime on the one hand, and the Saudi and Qatari media on the other hand.  

Of course, the tyrannies of Saudi Arabia and Qatar are raising the banner of democracy, and they want us to believe that.  AlJazeera’s propaganda is more feverish and intense than Al-Arabiyya (the news station of King Fahd’s brother-in-law).  Tantawi sugar deal with Emir of Qatar is evident in the absence of coverage (or just barely) on the channel.  

Today, I did not find anything.  They want to cover up for Tantawi to the end, the way they are covering up for the Bahraini ruling family.  They report on the “dialogue” session in Bahrain as if it is a democratic development.  

Yesterday, I watched Syrian regime TV: they lie so blatantly.  According to the regime, there is still a roving criminal and terrorist network that travels around the country and shoots at protesters and at regime security men (they call them “law preserving forces” which in Arabic can also mean “regime preserving forces”).  

The narrator read a propagandistic report accompanied by footage of kids throwing rocks (presumably to prove that they are “terrorist”–the Syrian regime must have learned that from Israel).  Yesterday, they thought they found evidence of the terrorist network: they showed a grainy picture of a guy shooting.  Kid you not.  I don’t know what North Korean TV is like, but they remind me of it for some reason.  (I remember that Patrick Seale once told me that the English language daily of the regime is modeled–literally–after the North African daily).

 There is also the pattern of surrealism: they hold hours of discussion about some technical issue.  Yesterday, the reporter went to the street and asked people what “civilization” means.  I thought that they were playing on the classist bias of some Syrians who look at the protesters as low class (many refer to them in pejoratively classist terms as “Fathers of slippers” Or as shoeless).  

One reporter asked a woman whether civilization has to require certain conditions of upringing. It was just bizarre.  I saw a propagandist of the regime on Al-Arabiyya: he was going after Syrian dissident, Haytham Al-Malih, and he said:  “he looks like a fuel vendor on the street”.  I was so furious.  He did not like the suit and tie that Malih had on, it seems.  

What a joke: the Ba`th Party used to pretend to champion poor people and now this propagandist of repression is complaining about one guy’s appearance because it reminded him of a street vendor.  The Ba`th Party should change its motto: to fragmentation, repression, and Rami Makhluf and his cronies.  That is the true Ba`th Party.  

Aljazeera, on the other hand, continues its unbelievable and propaganda intensity.  They now rely on reports by “internet activists”.  I kid you not.  But say what you want about them, I admire their “eyewitnesses”.  Their one eye witness, “Abu Muhammad” is capable of seeing protests from his window in 10 cities and towns simultaneously.  The channel should also change its motto.  It should become: the opinion of the Qatari royal family–backed by Abu Muhammad’s report. 



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