[youtube http://youtu.be/WlV6OD6LJhs?]

The show is hosted by Salah Basalamah and produced by Maher Arar

The guests begin talking around the 8 minute mark. That is a good place to begin.

The order of speakers is:

Prof. Fred Reed – 8:00

  • What is Syria? What is the Baath Party? Are Alawites Muslims?

Haytham al-Malah – 17:30

  • The history and reasons for the uprising

Joshua Landis – 31:00

  • The State of US-Syria Relations. What dos the US want in Syria? Where is US policy heading? Israel? Iran? Are Alawites Muslims and why that question is important?

Question and answer period at the end

Can dialogue with the government be carried out or is regime-change necessary – 58:30 minutes