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April 27, 2011

BDS in Wales

Pew Poll of Egypt and the New York Times

The Angry Arab : As I read about the poll yesterday (see the post below), I was thinking: I wonder how the Zionist media will twist this.  I could not wait.  And here it goes.  This is the headline of the New York Times about the matter:  “Poll Finds Egyptians Full of Hope About the Future“.  Ha ha ha and Ha. Are you kidding me? This is the most interesting element in the poll for the Times? Are you kidding us.  We know what you care about, and it is not hope about future.  And then they report this about the most important finding for Zionist hoodlums:  “The poll also found that a majority of Egyptians, 54 percent, want to annul the 1979 peace treaty with Israel that has been a cornerstone of Egyptian foreign policy and the region’s stability. The finding squares with the overwhelming anecdotal evidence that Egyptians feel Israel has not lived up to its commitments in its treatment of the Palestinians.”  What? The anecdotal evidence is that Egyptians don’t feel that Israel lived up to its commitment?  The EGYPTIAN PEOPLE use language of French diplomats?  Who writes such dumb language here?   Anecdotal evidence point that Egyptian people hate, despise, and detest the state of Israel and want the full liberation of Palestine.   And then they say that the treaty brought “stability” to the region.  To whom in the region?  To Israel and its war crimes of course.  And then the foreign editor of the times adds this:  “But more than a third of respondents, 36 percent, favored keeping the treaty, and the poll did not ask the more controversial question of whether Egyptians wanted to sacrifice the three decades of peace they have enjoyed along the border.”  This was humorous.  First, they take solace from the smaller figure in the poll, and then add disapprovingly that the Egyptians were not asked in the same questions about whether they want to sacrifice peace.  They basically want a better survey to ask the Egyptian in this manner: would you support the peace treaty with Israel KNOWING that bombs would fall on your heads if you say no?  Thanks for the polling experts of the Times.  Without them I would not have understood the demands and aspirations of the Egyptian people.

The previous article

“No dividend emerges for the United States from the political changes that have occurred in Egypt. Favorable ratings of the U.S. remain as low as they have been in recent years, and many Egyptians say they want a less close relationship with America. Israel fares even more poorly. By a 54%-to-36% margin, Egyptians want the peace treaty with that country annulled.

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