Toys “R” Us’ Israeli chain is operated by Super-Pharm Israel, which is heavily invested in the Israeli colonies in the West Bank. Toys “R” Us has opened twenty-six of these stores in Israel, and two in Jerusalem. Toys “R” Us also sells Israeli brands in its stores. Use the resources below, and use your own economic power to bring a stop to Toys “R” Us’ unethical behaviour.

Learn about Toys “R” Us, its ties to Israel, and why boycotting Toys “R” Us is the appropriate and ethical thing to do.Factsheet – Why boycott Toys “R” Us

Make your voice heard today. Click on this link to send an email to Toys “R” Us executives to let them know you disagree with their investments in Israel.Email Action Alert to Toys “R” Us

Use this list to identify the Toys “R” Us store closest to you. Then use the resources below to make your voice heard.List of Toys “R” Us stores to boycott

If Toys “R” Us doesn’t know that you’re boycotting, it does no good. Click on this document (MS Word format) to open a letter that you can print and take down to your local Toys “R” Us store today.Tell your local Toys “R” Us manager that you’re boycotting

Click on this document to see the letter that CJPME sent to Toys “R” Us executives.See the letter that CJPME sent to Toys “R” Us executives
Click on this document (MS Word) to open the letter to Toys “R” Us executives. Customize it with your own information, print and send it today

Print and send a letter to Toys “R” Us executives