bandannie says : Mabrouk Oustad !

After being active in sending messages via the internet for nearly 20 years
I finally started a more formal web blog (in Arabic and English) that
focuses on my main interest for the past two decades: Popular Resistance.
Advantages of having such a blog include ease of readers posting comments on
my writings, ease of sending links to people, and better formatting.  It is
at My blog today covers the rapidly
escalating situations in the Arab world (including the shocking massacre in
Libya where I spent two months traveling in throughout the country.  Tears
came to my eyes as I recalled the hospitality of the Libyan people. I also
discuss briefly the reality in Palestine (and yes the revolution will come
here too).  In the blog are also some actions happening in Palestine in the
next few days, video of the ongoing ethnic cleansing, news, and another key
action call to help open the Rafah crossing (you can help even from the
comfort of your home). For more details, visit and do leave a note to let us know
what you think of the new blog. Also as a reminder, I am leaving for 5 weeks
of talks in different countries and locations starting next week. See for schedule.  Of course my wife
and I would love to see you if you are near one of the cities we will visit.

Mazin Qumsiye, PhD