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January 16, 2011

Saad Hariri Talking to Saddiq, a False witness; Why Tunisia Is Unlikely in Syria

Saad Hariri Talking to Saddiq, a False witness; Why Tunisia Is Unlikely in Syria

Posted: 15 Jan 2011 04:28 PM PST

Al-Jadid TV [New TV] in Lebanon just aired this taped recording of a meeting that took place between Saad al-Hariri, Information Branch chief Colonel Wissam al-Hassan, STL deputy chief investigator Gerhard Lehmann, and Muhammad Zuhair al-Siddiq, one of the false witnesses whose testimony was used by Mehlis to accuse Syria for plotting the murder of Rafiq al-Hariri. It records the four men laying out a plan for how to convince the international community of Syria’s culpability. They all believe Syria to be the instigator of the killing. They agree that they must present the world with an air-tight case and lots of proof.  Saddiq explains to Hariri that he tried to warn him of May Shidiyyaq’s attempted assassination tow days ahead of time, but claims Hariri refused to answer it. Hariri asks Saddiq why he didn’t text him. Hariri calls Saddiq a “diarrhea mouth” to Mehlis’s lieutenant, but goes on to explain that he should be believed and is trustworthy. This is damaging to the Tribunal and Hariri because it shows how tainted Mehlis’ reports were and how eager the European investigators were to take at face value trumped up evidence. For Hariri, it is damaging because he swore that he had not met with Saddiq or any of the false witnesses. See Qifa Nabki for an explanation of why this doesn’t really damaging for Hariri. See Gary Gambill for a great review of the Mehlis evidence and the false witnesses.

Arabs of the World for a World of Justice


Arabs of the world, we are along the same line as Ibn Rushd-Averroes,
the Emir Abd el Kader, Ibn Arabi, Ibn Sina-Avicenna, personalities
whose contribution to the world is undisputable. If we are Arabs, it
is neither by blood nor by ethnicity, but by the culture and
civilization, by the universal dimension that is held by this part of

We are attached to the universal ideals and we are working
relentlessly for their promotion. Thus, we are involved in all the
fights for the realization of democratic aspirations of people, and
the preservation of human rights.

Arabs of the world; citizens of Europe, America or Africa, we are
taking part in life, the progress and the blooming of the societies we
live in.
We are standing out for our mosques and our churches, for our
rationalist trends, our ancient cultures and for the original
languages that constitute today’s Arab world.

This civilization has been a leading one for Humanity. It can still
contribute further to its development and progress.
We can not imagine the world of tomorrow cut from its Arab dimension.
We can not imagine that tomorrow, the Arab countries could be nothing
more than an issue at stake between dominating powers.

Iraq is dismembered. Palestine is dying. Lebanon is regularly
assaulted by its Israeli neighbours. Great Arab countries are reduced
to act as supporting roles, unable to define their own strategy and to
conduct it in the interest of their people.

We are in favour of peace all over the world. We are making the wish
that is for the young people of the world to free themselves from war,
meet, know and speak to each other. In short, we are making the wish
that they fulfill the society we dream of.

To make this dream possible, injustice has to end. It is necessary to
bring back to reason those who think that they are entitled to own all
the resources of this land and who treat those who live in it as
inappropriate occupants that need to be chased away and even killed.

This is not a fatality. The Arab world is not cut out to be the
permanent battlefield of powers aiming to appropriate its resources.
We are rising up against this disgraceful situation and we are calling
upon good-willing men and women, aiming to ensure a future of peace
and stability, to join us in the firm support in favor of the Arab
resistance in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq…

We are expressing our strong support, by visiting these countries so
we can salute the women and men who are on the field of struggles.

Arabs of the world for a world of justice, we think this fight is a
fight for everyone. The fair and quick settlement of the current
issues is serving the entire community, a preventative mine clearance,
the guarantee of a pacified world for our future.


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