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January 14, 2011

To the Zionist entity

Your Arab dictatorial friends will be fleeing one by one. Your flag will not fly in any Arab capital. Your peace treaties with dictators will be scrapped, one-by-one. Your years are numbered: your demise is certain. You have no where to go: no private jet can accommodate you and your terrorist structures.

Angry Arab

Communist Party of Egypt wrote :

On Thu, 13 Jan 2011 20:59:17

Press release on the thwarting of examination and police assault.

We demand you to uphold the student movement against repress and deprivation of examination.

On being intercepted from examination and assaulted by the university guards, a number of Ain Shams University have engaged in a sit-in against the decision of “deprivation”, and the arbitrary measures the university is undertaking against the student movement activists.

Five students were restrained from examining, despite obtaining an adjudication from the court of law to rescind that decision. Afaq Eshtirakeya center declares its condemnation and denial of those repressive and arbitrary decisions and practices, the regime is applying, and thus announces its full furtherance of these students’ right of examination, expression, and organizing their movement.

It affirms, at the same time, that the repress practiced, and the deprivation of examining, along with physical assault are evident police and repressive practices, and that it will not stop the student movement nor silence their voice.

Hundreds of students of the Egyptian universities have already been attacked ; additional to tens who have been prevented from examining, as well as having had their right of expression and demonstration abolished. Thus we demand you to stand in solidarity with us against the arbitrariness and repress, practiced by the authority and the university against the students


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