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November 24, 2010

Gilad Atzmon: 200 Israeli War Criminals Better Hope For Palestinian Amnesty

A few days ago, British Chief of  Defence Staff General Sir David Richards admitted that victory in Afghanistan is unachievable.  “In conventional war,” said Richards, “defeat and victory is very clear cut and is symbolised by troops marching into another nation’s capital.”

It took a few years for British military elites to admit that the war in Afghanistan cannot lead anywhere : a valuable lesson to learn from mid to late 20th century warfare, is that conventional military might cannot easily defeat mass civilian resistance.

It is interesting to reflect too, that the Jewish state has exercised a ‘strategy’ of occupation for sixty two years — and for some reason the penny has still failed to drop. The Israelis are still convinced that they can manage to knock down the resilient Palestinians using siege, indiscriminate  killing, carpet bombardment and chemical warfare.

The results are pretty obvious: and bearing in mind that Israel considers itself to be a ‘Jews only democracy’, then every Jewish Israeli is complicit in a colossal war crime against a civilian population.

But it goes further: more and more Israeli soldiers of all ranks are directly involved in an endless list of crimes — some stop pregnant women from receiving urgent medical attention , while others drop bombs on populated neighbourhoods. Some use children as human shields, while a few perform executions of peace activists. And others just feed the cannons with white phosphorus shells.

The perpetrators of these crimes are actually subject to universal jurisdiction laws. They can be detained everywhere around the world. They may end their life in jail.

A few brave Israelis must be very concerned with the moral condition of their state, because a few days ago, a document identifying 200 Israeli soldiers suspected of war crimes leaked out of Israel. It made it to the internet. The list included the names, ranks, military posts, pictures and addresses.

The people who leaked the information and put  it on the net stated that the names that followed were “the direct perpetrators, agents for the state of Israel that in Dec.- Jan. 2008- 2009 attacked scores of people in the besieged Gaza. The people listed… held positions of command at the time of the attack therefore not only did they perform on behalf of a murderous state mechanism but actively encouraged other people to do the same. They bear a distinctive personal responsibility. They range from low-level field commanders to the highest echelons of the Israeli army. All took an active and direct role in the offensive.”

On the 17th I was quick to refer to the story: I posted a link to the Israeli War Criminal site on my writing page.  On the 18th, I  was falsely accused  by the Israeli News Channel (Channel 10) and a few other Israeli blogs as being the man behind the publication of the names and the faces.

Needless to mention that this fact didn’t make me overwhelmingly popular in Israel. My email box looked like an Israeli war zone, and one of my recent youtube clips that was screened by the Israeli TV soon became a platform for Israeli vile ugliness.

It all reminded me why I had denounced my Jewishness and left Israel. It rang a bell. It reminded  me why I decided years ago never to step foot in that doomed place ever again — The Israelis were desperate and angry. They needed someone to blame. And after all, ‘blaming someone’ is far easier than admitting that something is systematically and categorically wrong at home.

On the 19th, the Israeli news channel managed to get hold of me : They were trying to trace the whistle blower. I obviously couldn’t help them; nor would I like to help them.  As far as I am aware, no one knows who the people behind the publication of the list are. Though initially the Israelis claimed that the list was fabricated and included many names that had nothing to do with the crimes in Gaza (2008-9), the Israeli media soon admitted that the list was leaked from an IDF source and was probably genuine.

I tried to point out to the Israeli Channel 10 researcher that the publication of the list is the best thing that has happened to Israel for years : The list is a clear signal for Israeli future combatants. It is there to suggest to them that non-ethical conduct may bear some heavy and direct consequences. Such a recognition is vital for Israelis so they can start to amend their path  and find a way to live in peace with their neighbours.

One may also find it strange that in the so called ‘only democracy in the Middle East’, a list of 200 suspected war criminals is leaked — and the entire media is chasing a whistle blower instead of engaging with the real story. It shows clearly a society that is rapidly drifting away from any form of recognition of international law, let alone ethical awareness.

However, I know very well why the Israelis are so furious — People around the world do not realise that for Israelis, the Jewish state is nothing but a prison. As much as the Israelis claim to love their state, there is nothing they love more than leaving it behind, and I guess that the Israelis are starting to grasp the true meaning of the de- legitimisation of their state :  It is now reaching a point of no return, and  it has become personal, because the people on the list will have to think twice before they set foot on a plane.

Interestingly, the people who published the list used a tactic that was used by Jewish and Zionist institutes  after WWII : Instead of chasing leaders and military commanders, the Nazi hunters had collated information about ordinary people — the low ranking officers, the soldiers, the guards; those ordinary people who had perpetrated crimes against humanity.

This tactic proved to be effective in incriminating generations of Europeans as vile anti-Semites.  After the war, European guilt was quickly translated into Zionist power.

Clearly, the people behind the Israeli War Criminal list leak are letting Israel taste its own medicine : By listing 200 soldiers of all ranks, the message is clear — the Israeli society itself is deeply ill. It is not just the people at the top, it is actually  the very ordinary ones. Rather than Israel — it is actually the ‘Israeli’.  The malaise seems to be deeply imbued in the society and its culture.

In the case of Germany and other European nations, it was Israel and Jewish leaders who were given the choice of whether they wanted to forgive, or withhold forgiveness.  It was the Israelis and Jews who, tentatively and conditionally, have given European nations a kosher amnesty.

I guess the fate of Israel is similar — Yet now it is the Palestinians and only the Palestinians who can save the Israelis from  themselves and their brutality.  It is only the Palestinians who are entitled to pardon Israeli criminals.  The more crimes Israel commits in the present — the more Israelis are dependent on Palestinian’s future kindness.

Once the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Israeli war crimes is founded in Palestine, it will be the Palestinian people who decide who to pardon.


Israel’s Crimes 1 Criminal Corporate Complicity- News Analysis [22-Nov-10]

Reload from PressTVGlobalNews |

In this Edition of Press TV’s News Analysis, the focus is on the Russell Tribunal on Palestine. It is heard compelling evidence of corporate complicity in Israeli violations of international law in occupied Palestinian territories, such as US companies, which provide bulldozers that demolish Palestinian homes. Holding no legal authority, it will publish its findings, at a minimum, for public awareness of Israeli crimes.

Against the Wall; the Battle for Al Walaja

Documentary film, “Against the Wall: the Battle for Al Walaja”

In a small Palestinian village between the ancient cities of Bethlehem and Jerusalem, lies the village of Al Walaja.

In early 2010, the Israeli military entered the village to oversee the confiscation of Palestinian land for the construction of Israel’s separation barrier, in defiance of international law.

In the months since, the people of Al Walaja, with support from Israeli and international activists, have launched a spirited campaign of non-violent resistance against the theft of their land.

Featuring in depth interviews with the people at the front of the struggle,”Against the Wall: the Battle for Al Walaja” offers a rare insight into the proud struggle of a small community against near impossible odds.

If the wall is completed, the village will be surrounded on all sides by concrete and barbed wire, forming an open air prison, with only one entry and exit point under military control.

As yet, both the wave of demonstrations and appeals to the Israeli Supreme Court have not stopped construction, and several villagers have lost land whilst others have been arrested for demonstrating their opposition.

Yet despite the threat of intimidation and arrest and the ongoing construction which continues to date, the villagers are refusing to back down from their peaceful protests.

Organ-ized Crime: Kosovo organ trafficking busted

BDS Success: Tindersticks Cancel Tel Aviv Shows

Tuesday, 23 November 2010 12:54 Tindersticks

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It is with sadness that Tindersticks announce the cancellation of their forthcoming concerts in Tel Aviv.


When agreeing to play our music in Israel we, perhaps naively, believed that the music we make is beyond political considerations.
Over the past weeks, the pressure exerted on us by people and organisations, some close to us, has shown us that this is not the case. It is difficult to defy a rapidly growing movement with whose aims we agree, even if we are not wholly convinced by their methods.
The songs we looked forward to playing and singing have already been tainted and their enjoyment stifled, if not completely drowned out by the political furore.
We sincerely look forward to a time when we, and others, can make our music for the people in the Middle East for the pure joy of the music itself.



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