Monday, 11 October 2010 14:30
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Ireland cancels munitions deal with Israel for forging Irish passports used in the Mabhouh assassinationOn Monday (11.10.2010), the Israeli newspaper, Maariv, reported that the Irish Ministry of Defence has cancelled a contract with Israel to supply the Irish army with more than 20 million bullets annually which are used as ammunition by the various Irish military forces.

Maariv quoted the Irish press as saying that after having purchased millions of Euros worth of ammunition from Israel over the past five years, the Irish Ministry of Defence has decided to cancel its contract with Israel and to sign an alternative deals with Belgium and Brazil among others.

Irish newspapers interpret this decision as a response to the Dubai assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in January of last year. The ring of Mossad assassins, according to international sources, used forged Irish passports.

This indicates that in the past five years, Ireland has bought Israeli made ammunition to the value of 14 million Euros following the government’s insistence on excluding Israel from all boycott – despite international political protest.

However, this year, against the backdrop of developing tensions in relations with Israel due to the Mabhouh assassination, Dublin has decided to transfer the contract to supply the Irish army with ammunition to other countries.

Source: Sama