Latest in the series of two weekly protest demos outside the Ahava shop in London, which markets so called “Israeli” goods which are in fact goods made in an illegal settlement on stolen Palestinian land with chemicals stolen from the Palestinian territory at the north western corner of the Dead Sea.. This explains Ahava’s reluctance to go to court against pro-Palestinian activists as they know they are involved in the illegal sale of stolen goods.

says the sender of this clip :This is another one from Seymour Alexander. I sing a boycott version of Hava Nagila, the ‘Ahava Laughing Song’ and I taunt Jonathan Hoffman by singing the ‘Barcarolle’ from the Tales of Hoffman at him! The end is rather amusing, but wait and see! Meanwhile, Millet can be seen, doing his usual, menacing stalking around at the front with his camera. Martin Sugarman is the spidery man with the beard.