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October 11, 2010

Laid on a little too thick

Gaza, hasbara version

The two  videos below are being targeted by a clever hasbara outfit  which proposes you to download its program so you are informed of any unfavorable piece of news about Israel and you are urged to strike back.  Do they really believe that they can continue to  fool us ?

Tunisians unhappy about Abbas

Tunisian attacked the Ambassador of “the authority” in Tunisia Salman El Horfi after he gave, in a conference, false information on the blockade of Gaza and after he carried charges against the Moslem Brothers and Hamas. And the present have paid homage to the besieged population of Gaza, and greeted the force of its people besieged for more than 4 years and resistance Palestinian and expressed their support and the support of all the Arab people with the population of Palestine. Tunisian indicated that Abbas is illegitimate and does not represent in any case the Palestinians, and criticized at the same time, the negotiations and the coordination of safety with the occupant. The remarks of the Ambassador raised the anger of crowd and pushed to leave the room to withdraw itself to protest against its remarks. It also denounced the advisory opinion (Fatwa) of the judge in chief of Palestine Tayseer Tamimi, which authorized to visit Jerusalem and to pray in El Aqsa, in the shade of the occupant Zionist. Such a recommendation will be used by the Zionist entity to legitimate his occupation and to standardize its relations with the Arab States lake Moubarak and Abdallah try to do.

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