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October 2, 2010

CNN’s Rick Sanchez Fired For Jews & Jon Stewart Comments

Ni’lin demo 01 10 2010

Israel punish us in the beginning of the olive harvest and prevent us from reaching our lands inside the apartheid wall.

since more than two years specially since the wall building started in our town ni’lin israel didn’t give anyone any permit to reach the lands inside the wall to farm it and harvest the olive today in the first day of october and in the tenth anniversary of alaqsa intifada the people of ni’lin village made a peaceful demonstration organized by ni’lin popular committee against the apartheid wall and settlements.

After the praying under the olive trees which the israeli military consider it as a close military zone.the people of ni’lin with many internationals activests and israeli activests run toward the concrete wall which built on our lands and stole it Chanting slogans against the wall and the punishment of ni’lin people,and chanting slogans in solidrity with the palestinians political prisoners in jeneral and ni’lin’s political prisoners in special the coordinator of ni’lin popular committee mr.ibrahim amireh and mr.hassan mousa and zaydoon srour.

Since the demonstrators reached the gate of the concrete wall they started screaming and asking the israeli soldiers to open the gate because we wants to go to our lands to farm it,and also because it’s the time for the olive harvest,and you didn’t allow us to reach our lands since more than two years.all this to punish us but we will not stope our protest until we tear down this illegal wall and reach our lands again.

Then the demonstrators went to the other part of the wall to rais the palestinian flag on the fence and started telling the soldiers to look at the picture of the little boy ahmed mousa who been killed by the israeli soldiers in one demonstration against the wall in 29.07.2008 without any reasons.they shot him in his head at that time with a live bullet.

While the demonstrators were talking to the israeli military and telling them to stope thir crimes and to start with anew life with real peace and to end their crimes against us in ni’lin,no one shot any bullet because they were planing to catch us and arrest us.But the people of ni’lin discovered the plan of the israeli occupation forces and they could leave and be in the safe side without any loseing or injuring.

After that the soldiers opened the gate and started running toward the demonstrators to catch them and arrest them and they started shooting tear gas bomb at the demonstrators then one person from the village suffered from the tear gas inhalation .The soldiers continue running toward the village until they reached it.

The demonstration continued until 1:30 pm without any one getting shot or arrest

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