Dear Sendamessage customer,

Three years on and 1,489 messages covering a distance of 9.5 kilometres,
the Sendamessage project is coming to an end. We are closing the shop on
1st October 2010. 

However, all orders received before this date will be
sprayed and delivered.

So if you know anyone that might find this a cool idea, or anyone who'd
be grateful for the tip, tell them to visit before
1st October 2010.

We would like to thank you as a customer for your support, trust and for
the inspiration you gave us. You made a miracle happen. The Wall project
was listed by Time Magazine as ‘most influential graffiti art'. Through
the media, the project and the Palestinians trapped behind the Wall,
reached an audience of over 550 million. 

We will always remember this story: Caspar from Holland is celebrating
his honeymoon in Indonesia. Sitting next to him is his wife, to whom he
proposed with a message on the Wall, and they are watching a clip about
the Wall project on an international news channel. Then, as the camera
zooms in, it points directly at Caspar's marriage proposal on the Wall
in Palestine. 

Finally, thanks again for giving Palestinians new hope by showing them
they have not been forgotten. That message certainly came through. 

Justus van Oel, Ben Melis, Pete Mulder, Anna Bartak (Sendamessage Holland)
Faris Arouri, Yusef Njim, and supporting members of PFF (Bir Zeit, Palestine) 

PS. If you want to send us a message, other then ordering, before 1st
October 2010, send a mail to After that we'll be
very busy with our new project.