The BBC program, Death on the Med on Panorama, is mostly disgusting.

You can see both sections now on YouTube.

There are a couple of places where they do tell the truth. However, please call and email them and ask them some of these questions.

1. Why was there no investigation of the covered time codes on all of the Israeli video?

2. Why would they repeat the audio tapes that have already been discredited with little or no comment?

3. What right does the BBC have to use video tapes that were stolen from us, then edited, then given to the BBC? Do we have the right to sue the BBC for theft?

4. Why no mention of the other five ships, all of whom were attacked and many passengers who were wounded?

There are other questions for sure, but the BBC (Bumbling Broadcast Corporation) needs to hear from us, especially those who were on the flotilla.

Here are the BBC complaints contacts:

Make a complaint

Phone: +44 3700 100 222*

Textphone: +44 3700 100 212*


Write: BBC Complaints

PO Box 1922


Greta Berlin, Co-Founder
+33 607 374 512