Beesan Ramadan August 15, 2010 at 1:59pm

The “Palestinians in Italy” association has held a meeting on 31st July 2010 in Rome with different Italian organisations in support of the Palestinian cause. The meeting was attended by more than 70 representatives of the Italian society institutes as well as well respected Italian personalities.

As a representative of the ECESG in Italy, Mohammad Hannoun conducted the meeting accompanied by Germano Monte, the representative of the biggest Italian forum supportive of the Palestinian cause. It was agreed to form an Italian Committee which will be the contact point for the Freedom Flotilla 2. Several participants and journalists expressed their wish to join the Freedom Flotilla 2. As most people are on their summer on vacations these days, it is not the best time for holding meetings and therefore, this matter will be pursued as soon as the summer holidays season is over.

Action minutes of the meeting were taken and signed by the attendants. Some preferred to wait for consultation with their organisations. We are continuously receiving signatures in support of the Italian Freedom Flotilla 2 Committee. The participating organisations have posted the invitation on their websites. Some were rejected after consultation to prevent troublemakers. We are now preparing to meet some Italian politicians in order to introduce the committee to them briefly.

The meeting showed strong support to the Freedom Flotilla 2, the new humanitarian mission that is aiming to break the siege that is still oppressing the people of Gaza. This mission is an important step to respond firmly to the crime committed by Israel against the activists of the previous Flotilla on 31st May 2010.

It was agreed upon during the meeting in Rome to initiate an immediate awareness campaign aiming for the participation in the new international flotilla with one or more Italian vessels composed of Italian activists carrying either collected or purchased humanitarian aid. The meeting has also expressed its support for the initiatives of other convoys planning to reach Gaza by land.

The participants have finally decided to proceed with the coordination between all organisations and individual activists who identify with the objectives of the Freedom Flotilla 2 which are: practical support for people subjected to the embargo, to break the siege of Gaza and to restore the rights of the Palestinian People.

We appeal to all democratic political forces, trade unions, the voluntary sector and international solidarity, peace and antiwar movements, all men and women committed to a just and lasting peace in the Middle East, to join the Freedom Flotilla 2 and participate in all the efforts aiming for ending the siege of the Palestinians in Gaza and the recognition of the legitimate Palestinian people’s right to life, land and freedom.