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August 14, 2010

We Need Your Vote!!!

Director: Dima Hamdan Produced In: 2009

Synopsis: Gaza 2009. A massive Israeli assault is underway on Gaza. Mahmoud is in London, his mother is trapped in Gaza, and he is desperately waiting for her to call. He agrees to take part in a radio program about Gaza, but the producers take away his mobile. For the next few minutes, he has to endure listeners’ questions, and a surprise guest who will reveal what has become of his mother. “Gaza-London” is an intimate portrayal of the helplessness and frustration many Palestinians felt as they watched from a distance while their loved ones lived the nightmare.

Dima Hamdan’s latest short film Gaza-London is competing on the Culture Unplugged online festival, we need as many people as possible to see the film, vote for it (i.e: rate it) and post a good comment. Dima is a brilliant Palestinian film maker.
In case you wonder, the music (soundtrack) is mine. (Gilad Atzmon)
Thanks for your support


Al-Walaja 13-8-2010

In case the video should not show go click here

On the first Friday of Ramadan, thousands of Palestinians tried to reach the Haram Al-Sharif in Jerusalem for prayers in Al-Aqsa mosque. But only some men above 50 and some women above 45 year old were allowed to enter through the checkpoints in the apartheid wall. Some of those left behind participated in demonstrations.

Al-Walaja demonstration was particularly inspiring and faced the might of the apartheid system. The Apartheid wall here is being built to surround Al-Walaja on all sides. We marched from the mosque towards the village entrance and along the main road; here the wall facing Al-Walaja village is ugly concrete and the side of it facing the illegal colony of Har Gilo is decorated with Jerusalem stone.

As we stopped at the village entrance as planned, several military and police vehicles and dozens of heavily armed apartheid warriers prepared to attack us. Ali chanted in Arabic, I spoke in English, and then Ali spoke in Hebrew. We addressed the gathering and the soldiers telling them this was a peaceful demonstration against land confiscation. We explained that this village lost 80% of its land in 1948 and is now about to lose the rest.

The officers came and gave us five minutes to disperse but then started attacking us within five seconds with stun grenades and tear gas. They arrested Ali Al-Aaraj and then they ran into the nearby house and arrested his cousin Ma’moun (who was not participating in the demonstration) . Some colonial racist settlers showed up with an Israeli flag and waved uit and cheered their storm troops on.

Netanyahu: Gaza flotilla raid ‘lawful’

The video is here

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has told an inquiry that Israel “acted under international law” when it intercepted a Gaza-bound aid flotilla in May.

He appeared before a commission looking into the deaths of nine Turkish activists during the raid, which sparked an international outcry.

Mr Netanyahu said the Gaza blockade was legal and that Israeli troops only used force when their lives were in danger.

Mishal Husain spoke to Ken O’Keefe, a former US marine who was on board one of the ships when it was stormed by Israeli security forces.

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