How long can we allow the maniacs who are driving us to the brink of World War Three to stay in power? We’d better do something soon, or we will all be done for.

My special thanks to Gilad Atzmon, whose reading of the “Israeli Peace Manifesto” helps to point up the gulf between what they say and what they do. The original text can be found at: Gilad’s rather more honest writing can be found at: He’s a pretty cool saxophone player, too.

Any copyrighted material in this video has been used in the interests of the survival of humanity, and anyone who objects to its use is one sick individual. We have allowed the sociopaths with their wealth, greed and selfishness to rule us for too long, only by making an effort, ourselves, will anything ever change.

My thanks to those whose videos and still pictures have made my job just a little bit easier in trying to persuade people that all is not as it seems to be: To wwwcelticvideocom for the clips from the video ” IDF Israeli soldiers beat local and international protesters” at… where you will find information about purchasing the full video.

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