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July 24, 2010

Right Wing Attacks Borowitz; Please Refudiate

Palin Piece Inspires Angry, Misspelled Comments

Dear Friends,

I must be doing something right.

My latest PBS segment on Sarah Palin’s inventive language, Palinese, has inspired an avalanche of right-wing comments, orchestrated by a right-wing website. They accuse me of everything but being born in Kenya.

Please go to the link below and if you feel so inclined, fight the haters with your own comments. I promise you yours will be better spelled.



Click here to watch Andy’s PBS Segment

I Miss You Palestine

Transformation. Fabulous video of the strong young artist Emily Henochowicz singing an anthem to Palestine she wrote for her friend. A lot of great rage here, toward the state that destroyed her eye during a demonstration on May 31. Some of the lyrics, about 2-1/2 minutes in:

Translated by Mounadil :

In Palestine, oh I miss you Palestine.
En Palestine, Oh tu me manques Palestine.

And you know I think back to the memory of my grandparents in Poland
Et tu sais, je repense au souvenir de mes grands parents en Pologne

And I think of what they suffered through in Europe. It makes me sad
Et je pense à ce qu’ils ont souffert en Europe. Ca me rend triste.

I think they would be sad how all those Jews who died in the Holocaust would be so very sad
Je pense qu’ils seraient tristes, que tous ces Juifs qui ont péri dans l’holocauste seraient très tristes

If they knew that this is how their memory was being used
S’ils savaient que c’est ainsi qu’on se sert de leur mémoire

Oh-Oh, in Palestine
Oh-Oh, en Palestine

It’s fascist what they’re doing
Ce qu’ils font est fasciste

It is ethnic cleansing what they’re doing
Ce qu’ils font est du nettoyage ethnique

It is just as bad as what had happened to them
C’est tout simplement aussi mal que ce qui leur est arrivé

Don’t they see?
Ne voient-ils pas?

Don’t they see?
Ne voient-ils pas?

If they don’t want people to be anti-Semitic, then they better act like good Jews!
S’ils ne veulent pas que les gens soient antisémites, alors ils feraient mieux d’agir comme de bons Juifs!

They can’t say that they are moral when this is what they do!
Ils ne doivent pas dire qu’ils sont moraux alors que c’est ce qu’ils font!

In Palestine
En Palestine

Whoa, in Palestine
Whoa, en palestine

source and Mondoweiss

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