•Abdul Rahman al-Rashed

By Khalid Amayreh • Jun 10th, 2010 at 10:51


Just as Israel’s barbarianism was being exposed to hundreds of millions of viewers around the world, following the criminal state’s bloody raid on the Gaza Freedom flotilla on 31 May, Abdul Rahman al Rashed was barking from London, blaming Hamas for the persistence of the Israeli or more correctly Israeli-Egyptian blockade of the coastal territory.

This is the same Abdul Rahman al Rashed that only a few years ago claimed that while all Muslims were not terrorists, it was clear that all terrorists were Muslim.
Thus, in just one sound-bite he exonerated the world’s premier terrorists from any wrong doing, effectively granting a certificate of innocence to murderous Ashkenazi vandals who stole Palestine from its rightful owners and also to Nazi-like America which had just occupied and destroyed two sovereign Muslim nations based on lies and baseless allegations.

Abdul Rahman al Rashed is literally translated into “the Servant of the Compassionate (Allah), the rightly-guided.” However, a more fitting name for this intellectual midget should connote or denote the fact that he is a willing slave for Zionist propaganda and decadent Arab tyrannies.

In his tedious, monotonous writings, this pseudo-intellectual has repeatedly demonstrated a shocking propensity to side with and support everything and anything Zionist or American against everything and anything Islamic or Palestinian or Arab or even human.

His unscrupulous espousal and advocacy of Zionist narratives are beyond disgraceful. He should be called Abdul al Shaytan, rather than Abdul Rahman, and al Dhal instead of al Rashed.

This intellectual midget, who is given ample tribune to spread his manifestly stupid but thoroughly poisoned vagaries, has claimed, among other things, that Iran stood behind the Gaza Freedom Flotilla.

Well, if Iran is in the business of trying to lift the Judeo Nazi siege imposed on 1.700,000 Palestinians languishing for the fourth successive year under one of history’s most draconian sieges, then we should salute the Iranian regime in the most cordial manner.

After all, taking part in alleviating the hardship and suffering facing helpless people being starved and tormented by the Nazis of our time, namely Israel, is the ultimate expression of humanness, gallantry, and self-abnegation, whereas cowering in the face of Israel and its guardian-ally, the United States, by letting the people of Gaza starve and die quietly, is the ultimate expression of cowardice, treachery and contemptibility.

Indeed, as the quality of metals is often tested by fire, so is the quality of men tested by their stands and attitudes toward the enduring scandal of the enduring Gaza nightmare as well as the overall Palestinian cause.

Al Rashed says he was absolutely sure that Israel viewed the “extremists in the region as her allies” because “both want to thwart Obama’s peace scheme.”
Well, what peace scheme is this ignorant man talking about? Indeed, if Obama can’t bring himself to denounce the maritime massacre of Mavi Marmara, who in his or her right mind would count on him and his administration to force Israel to give up the spoils of the 1967-war and enable the orphan-like Palestinian Authority (PA) to have a truly viable and territorially contiguous state with Jerusalem as its capital?

Besides, if Hamas and Hezbullah, who are defending the dignity of the umma, are not at the forefront of the resistance against Israel, who is then? The filthy-rich oil mega-thieves who squander the wealth of Muslims to satisfy their bestial desires and morbid fantasies? Or the mindless idiots who are building the world’s tallest skyscrapers when they can’t even manufacture their own underwear?
In the last verse of Surat Muhammed, the Almighty warns these misguided people: “If you go astray, God will substitute in your stead another people; then they would not be like you!”

This flamboyant ignoramus gives the impression that America’s failure or inability to pressure Israel to walk in the path of peace is attributed to Arab extremism, not Zio-Nazism.

So, what ideas does this idiot possess in order to nudge Israel to be forthcoming and come to terms with Obama’s peace scheme?

Does he suggest allowing Jews to return to al Madina al Munawarra, for example? Or perhaps he might be thinking that Arab states should start teaching Shulhan Aruch and Chesronot Shas to Arab kids starting with grade-1 in order to impress Israel and organizations like AIPAC?

Al-Rashed may be tempted to view himself as an Arab intellectual. However, he and his like-minded “intellectuals” are nothing more than cheap mercenaries serving Zionist propaganda against Islam, Arabs and the noble Palestinian cause.
This is amply evident from the fact that he and his fellow traitors are heavily quoted by the Zionist hasbara machine including the Israeli foreign ministry sites.
I am really reluctant to spend time exposing this scoundrel. During the genocidal Israeli onslaught against the Gaza Strip, he stood decidedly against Hamas as if Hamas, not Israel, were raining White Phosphorus on the children and women of Gaza. And now, he is blaming the democratically-elected movement for the persistence of the blockade of Gaza. Perhaps I shouldn’t be alluding to democracy, after all he comes from a land that doesn’t know how to spell the word “democracy” and is now trying to blindly imitate the west’s promiscuous ways in order to gain a certificate of good conduct from the sages of Zionism in North America.

Well, doesn’t this confused pseudo-intellectual realize that Israel has been occupying and tormenting Gaza for decades. Indeed, Israel had more than 20 years during which Hamas didn’t exist. However, instead of making peace and giving up the spoils of aggression, Israel was busy stealing Arab land, destroying Arab homes and building Jewish settlements.

Yasser Arafat gave the Israelis everything they asked for, in the hope that they would relent and come to terms with Palestinian rights and dignity. He even went as far as tormenting and torturing his own people in order to obtain a certificate of good conduct from Isaac Rabin, the pseudo-peace dove who had ordered his troops to break the bones of Palestinian children. And what was the result of all this blindness of the mind? They killed him in his own headquarters in Ramallah.

And now the Commander of the Faithful in Ramallah, Abu Mazen, al-Rashed’s apparent darling, is even outmatching Arafat by indulging in all these stupid sycophantic theatrics that only serve to further degrade and dishonor the Palestinian people, while emboldening the Zio-Nazi leadership in Tel Aviv including the wild Jewish animals, known as the settlers in the West Bank.

The London-based quisling journalist is strikingly naïve. He is audacious enough to think that all the suffering in Gaza would come to an abrupt end if only Hamas and other Palestinian factions ignored the fate of thousands of Palestinian political prisoners and freedom fighters languishing in Zionist concentration camps by unconditionally releasing an Israeli prisoner of war and succumbing to “Chosen People” or “Master Race.”

Well, does this misguided man think that Shalit’s life is more important than the lives of thousands of Palestinian and Arab prisoners in Israeli dungeons? Is al Rashed a follower of Rambam or a flower of Muhammed?

Had he possessed a modicum of rectitude, he would have called for all prisoners, Israelis and Palestinians alike to be released. But the cheapness of character he seems to possess precludes any balanced approach on his parrt to this issue, which makes him an obedient mouthpiece at the Zionists’ beck and call.
In Surat Aaliimara, hypocrites are exposed for their treachery and moral duplicity as in the following verse (119)

“If good befalls you, it grieves them; but if some misfortune overtakes you, they rejoice at it. But if you are constant and do right, not the least harm will their cunning do to you; for Allah Compasseth round about all that they do.”