I have spoken tonight with the Irish Free Gaza co-ordinator and she has confirmed that the Irish cargo boat, the Rachel Corrie, is continuing towards Gaza and expects to reach there in the next two or three days. The Rachel Corrie, which has sailed from Ireland, was travelling more slowly than the other boats and was therefore not with the flotilla when it was attacked. The crew and passengers of the Rachel Corrie have told us that they are continuing towards Gaza and will attempt to succeed in reaching there. On board are a number of experienced members of the Free Gaza movement, who were involved in previous Free Gaza missions.

They are therefore calling on the support of all of us to increase the pressure on our own governments and on Israel, to ensure their safety and their successful arrival in Gaza.
There will be a press release about this soon, but currently the Free Gaza support team (in Cyprus) are exhausted and overwhelmed, so there is a need for us all to spread the news about the Rachel Corrie, and use this as one of the means of keeping up the momentum. One last thing – Free Gaza is appealing to activists to keep drawing attention to the fact that this is not just about aid – it is primarily about the right of Palestinians to have sea, land and air routes to the rest of the world and for all aspects of the blockade to end.