Dear all,

I am writing to you on the behalf of the “We are all resistance” movement (Kollona Muqawama). We salute all of you and each and everyone involved in organizing the Gaza flotilla. We also issued a statement in this occasion that a 234 Egyptian political leaders, members of parliament, labour activists, and student activists signed in support of the mission, all belonging to various types of political movements in Egypt (mostly on the left, Arab nationalists, and Islamic left). We would be very happy if you can forward this statement to our brothers and sisters on borad the ships. The least we could do is show solidarity at this moment. We are also holding a protest in front of the Egyptian parliament on June 1st to protest the extension of the emergency law. This protest has been scheduled for over two weeks now. We contacted the protest organizers and they welcomed lifting banners in solidarity with your mission in the protest, as most of the organizers have already signed this statement.

Key signatories include, Sun’ala Ibrahim, Egypt’s best novelist, and also one who rejected Egypt highest prize in literature before; Hamdeen Sabahi, an MP and popular nominee for Egyptian presidency; Ibrahim Yousri, ex-ambassador and key figure in the national movement; Magdy Hussien, leader of the labour party and currently serving two years in prison for having crossed to Gaza during the war in definace of the embargo; Abdelhalim Kandil, the general coordinator of the kefaya movement; Yahya al-Qaza, Mohamed Sharaf, Saeid El-Nashaei, all key figures in Kefya; Ahmad Fouad Nejm, one of Egypt’s top poets; Wajdi Ghoniem, and Maher Amr, key scholars of religion; known writers Ahmad El-Khamisi, Safinaz Kazim; and key syndicalists, Mohamed Abdel Qudus, and Yehia Qalash–among many other prominent signatories.

with all respect and best wishes,

Mohamed Waked,

Kollona Muqawama (we are all resistance) movement.