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May 26, 2010

Dozens of professors joined 800 students in a protest march against settlers in Sheikh Jarrah

mercredi 26 mai 2010, par Davidi

Dozens of professors from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem today (Wednesday, May 26) joined some 800 students in a protest march from the university to the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah. The crowd protested against the entrance of Jewish settlers into the neighborhood, and the eviction of Arab families from their homes. Among the protestors a former lecturer at Tel-Aviv University, the member of the Knesset, Dov Khenin, a leading Communist Party of Israel member.
During the rally, students and professors called out slogans such as “We won’t sit in class while rights are being trampled” and “We won’t learn civil rights with racism in Sheikh Jarrah.” The protestors waived signs that read “No sanctity in an occupied city”.
Weekly Friday afternoon demonstrations there continuing to draw large crowds, Wednesday’s march signified the first “academic protest” in the east Jerusalem neighborhood. Although the march was in no way endorsed by the university, students and professors alike said that the it would be followed by additional such efforts.
Professor Ze’ev Sternhell, who heads Hebrew University’s Political Science Department, addressed the crowd after it came to a halt at a park inside the neighborhood. He told journalists that the march was a “new step” for the protest movement in Sheikh Jarrah, and that because of the student-professor cooperation, it marked an evolution historically unseen at peace demonstrations in Israel.
“I can’t remember when there was ever something like it in Israel”, told Sternhell. “And I’m very happy to see it.”
“I think the fact that we’re seeing so many people here today, also shows that we’ve reached a point of crisis in Palestinian Sheikh Jarrah and that dangerous things are happening here that need to stop.” Next Friday Sternhell will participate at the annual Marx Forum in Tel-Aviv, held by “Hagada Hasmalit Cultural Center” – an alternative cultural center and radical website supported by the Communist Party.

Even picnics in Israel are political

By Neve Gordon

26 May 2010

Neve Gordon describes the growing criminalization in Israel of civil disobedience and the restriction of peaceful resistance to extremely passive modes of protest, such as “standing on the side of the road with some kind of placard”.

Our farewell picnic to Ezra Nawi before his prison term for peaceful protest carried a new message to most Israeli picnics

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Freedom Flotilla Update by Ismail Patel 24-05-10 #1

MiddleEastMonitor — 25 mai 2010 — Meanwhile the Israelis have announced several measures to counter the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. Apparently half of the Israeli navy has been placed on full alert to confront and stop our peaceful mission to take humanitarian aid to Gaza. Reports also claim that the Israelis have “set aside 700 places” in their prisons, which is a thinly-veiled threat to arrest all of those taking part in the flotilla. They used to call that sort of thing piracy.

Ismail Patel is the chair of UK human rights NGO friends of Al-Aqsa. He is one of the 700 activists from more than 40 countries preparing to embark on the Freedom Flotilla sailing from Turkey to Gaza with much-needed humanitarian aid.

Gaza aid flotilla to set sail for confrontation with Israel

Harriet Sherwood in Jerusalem,
Tuesday 25 May 2010

he Turkish ferry Mavi Marmara is one of the eight boats expected to set sail for Gaza in the next few days. Photograph: Reuters

Israelis promise to stop eight ships carrying 10,000 tonnes of aid, 800 activists and politicians from more than 40 countries

A flotilla of eight boats carrying thousands of tonnes of construction materials, medical equipment and other aid is preparing to sail to Gaza in the next few days, setting the scene for a confrontation with Israel which has vowed to prevent the ships breaking the blockade on the Palestinian territory.

Three cargo ships and five passenger vessels plan to meet up in international waters between Cyprus and Gaza Strip before heading towards Gaza City. The Israeli military is expected to stop the flotilla and divert it to the Israeli port of Ashdod.

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