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May 24, 2010

Dear friends,

The Gaza Freedom Flotilla is Underway!

Over the weekend in Istanbul, the second ship was cheered and supported while it sailed off to join the Freedom Flotilla. It carries 700 passengers to Gaza as part of the ‘blockade busting’ flotilla. Unlike previous Free Gaza boats, this flotilla includes large vessels carrying substantial amounts of reconstruction, medical, and school supplies, and passengers from 50 countries. The likely date the convoy will reach Gaza coastal waters is Friday, May 28.

The Greek/Swedish cargo ship, the passenger boat from the European Campaign, and the Free Gaza passenger boats are ready to leave Greece this week. Ann Wright, retired U.S. Army Reserve Colonel, former U.S. diplomat, and active Gaza Freedom Marcher, will be joining this crew. Colonel Wright says,

“The Israeli siege of Gaza is illegal and a violation of international law. We demand that the Israeli, Egyptian, United States and European governments end this siege. If the governments will not stop the siege, it is up to the citizens of the world to break it-and that is what we will do!”

Despite Israel’s flagrant disrespect for international law, the director of European affairs for the Israeli foreign ministry, Naor Gilon, described the flotilla mission as “provocative and in violation of Israeli law”. He told diplomats, “Israel has no intention of allowing these sailboats in Gaza.” The government of Israel has repeatedly stated publicly that they intend to intercept this convoy, using the Israeli Navy “at any price”.

Israel’s intimidation tactics will not deter us! To this end, the Gaza Freedom March joins the flotilla emergency response network. We are taking pro-active measures to stop Israel from launching any military attack or naval blockade on the flotilla. The Emergency Response Plan is in effect. This includes confirmed protests at Israeli embassies worldwide! To add your embassy protest to the list, please email or register your event on our website.

Direct actions can be taken now to support the flotilla! On this single page, you can track the flotilla GPS location, news, Twitter feeds, livestream videos, uploaded photos, discussions, social network groups and more.

The Freedom Flotilla mission could never be accomplished without your support and participation!

Keep up the pressure to lift the siege of Gaza,
GFM Team