PalestineBilin — 23 mai 2010 — Almost 120 persons including Palestinians, internationals and Israelis participated this morning in a pacifist march in Al-Masara village, close to Bethlehem. The objective, as every Friday, was to protest the construction of the apartheid wall which upon completion will annex 350 hectares of the Palestinian land of this area.
Participants sang songs, panels and cameras were carried by many of the participants who nearly arrived at the main road where they sat down in front of the Israeli soldiers in a peaceful way of responding to the show of guns and tanks.
Suddenly two young men were arrested. The Israeli soldiers claimed the men were being violent. The Israelis responded to the peaceful demonstration with force; firing sound bombs, tear gas, and rubber bullets. The action continued until the crowd had completed dispersed. In addition to the two arrested men, whose physical condition currently remain unknown, one young man was hospitalized with a serious head injury caused by a gas canister. Moreover tens of people were suffering from tear gas. This demonstration came in the 62 anniversary of the Nakba.
The demonstration of this Friday was also very important because it is the first time that people support the boycott to the products of the settlers and all the political parties like Hamas, Fatah or Peoples Party agree in the non violent resistance.