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May 7, 2010

Great BDS video

General Election: Shhh. don’t mention the Occupation

By Stuart Littlewood* | Sabbah Report |

In the run-up to Britain’s general election we’ve heard next to nothing about Middle East policy from the three main party leaders in their much-publicised debates on TV.

They have studiously avoided all mention of the outrage in the Holy Land and the way it impacts so directly on world peace.

The plight of the Palestinian people ever since Britain abandoned its mandate responsibility, and their endless struggle for freedom from Israel’s military occupation, threatens our safety but word of it never passes their lips. And the programme bosses appear to block questions on the subject.

Early in the campaign I received a message from a local Liberal Democrat MP saying: “I urge everyone to get to Norwich and help elect our fantastic candidate Simon W.”

But hang on… before rushing to volunteer I wanted to know just one thing. What was Mr W’s personal stance on Middle East policy and especially Israel’s 43-year illegal occupation of the Holy Land?

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