An Egyptian woman victim of a triple bombing in Egypt's Sinai resort of Dahab, 24/04/06. Thirty people were killed, twenty eight of them ordinary Egyptian workers. Why is 'al-Qaeda', a Muslim terror organisation dedicated to defending Middle Eastern Arabs from Western agression, attacking ordinary Middle Eastern Arabs? Why is 'al-Qaeda' attacking and killing the traditional enemies of the state of Israel?

Joe Quinn
Signs of the Times

One day after Osama reminded us all that he is still a threat to the entire world (and quite possibly the known universe), as if by magic, three bombs explode in Egypt’s Sinai resort of Dahab, killing 30 people and wounding dozens more.

Only two of the dead were foreigners, the rest were ordinary Egyptians workers, which is simply more proof that Osama really is a nihilist and al-Qaeda have forsaken their Islamic ideology and just want to kill. Anyone will do; Arabs, Muslims, Jews, Papua New Guineans, Americans, primates, all are fair game in al-Qaeda’s struggle to destroy not just Western civilisation but ALL civilisation on the planet, it seems.

Initially, a Dubai based news agency quoting “intelligence sources” said that two suicide bombers were involved. How they came by this information is not known. Later however, Egyptian security sources said that it was unlikely that suicide bombers were involved. The simple fact is that, without a detailed forensic examination of the scene, there is no way to tell whether an explosion in a packed restaurant was the result of a bomb attached to a person or just to the table at which a person was sitting. In both cases the result is the same: body parts and fixtures strewn everywhere.

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