On Saturday a couple of zionist’s organised a pro Israel picket on byres road in the west end of Glasgow unexpectedly. 7 comrades from the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC) were out anyway to setting up a boycott Israeli goods stall.

The zionists dreadful attempt was to distribute free Israeli produce. However after 3 hours they gave up distributing free fruit which only reaching the single digits. This is the result of the strong intervention of our activists who stood their ground, till the Israeli Zionist activists left. The police turned up and left after a while knowing we were peaceful.
The Zionists admitted it would have been easier to distribute the free fruit if we weren’t there. Many individuals accepted the free fruit but our activists explained to people the true origins of the fruit and many people returned the free fruit to the Israeli’s embarrassment. On numerous occasions members of the public gave the fruit to our activists who delivered it back to the Israeli activists. While walking to the Israeli’s fruit box to give back the free fruit our peace activists exclaimed loud, so many people on the very sunny busy byres road turned their heads learning that these formerly deceived members of the public would’nt accept these free fruits of oppression from stolen Palestinian land.
The fruit’s were dropped from high above crashing, creating a loud thud when it landed in the Zionists produce of Israel box. Their faces said it all. Despite their lame attempts to convince people it’s low cost and high quality for themselves to buy whenever.
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