(editor’s note: I really enjoyed this satire by Greg Felton. I haven’t seen the film, as I refuse to spend money on Zionist propaganda, but everything I read about the film as well as the Israeli and Ultra-Zionist connections of those who financed it seem to support Greg’s argument. Be sure to check out his posters in the links highlighted!)

2010_01_25_LanceBoyle”Good evening, and welcome to WTFN’s inaugural Oscar preview show. I’m your host Lance Boyle coming to you from Los Angeles. The ceremony may still be weeks away but there’s a lot to talk about. Joining us in The Cutting Room is veteran movie columnist and critic Miriam Kale.”

(Lance Boyle turns to face Miriam Kale. They are sitting in high-backed upholstered chairs across from each other. A black coffee table is between them and all around are enlarged stills and posters of the nominated movies.)

Before we get into the movies themselves, Miriam, what’s your opinion on the Academy’s decision to include 10 best-picture nominees instead of the usual five.

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