This just came in from Karin P. She just talked to Mary Hughes-Thompson in Cairo this morning Also, I talked to the American Embassy in Cairo, and the man there said he thought everyone was released, so that confirms Mary’s story.

I just talked with Mary who was in a taxi on her way to a press interview for Hedy at the Nile Hilton (I’ve been there, it’s swank). Mary’s fine. She wasn’t among the group of Americans detained outside our cowardly embassy in Cairo who have now all been released.

I’ve seen articles in the NY Times (from Reuters) the BBC, and two on Huffington Post. I’ll start forwarding them for your records.

Our vigil last night in LA was great with more than 200 people. There were many more of us than Zionist counterdemonstrators across the street. The best part was the many young people who came from a variety of universities and communities in S. California.

Fox 11 news was there and even did a stand up with me but I don’t know if any footage made it on air as my TV is not connected to broadcast or cable. Despite many calls to the LA Times not a single line from them. However, the Babylon blog does have an article on the Viva Convoy which is now on its way back to Syria.

Just in case any of you want to keep the American Embassy number, here it is again.(20-2) 2797 3300. Don’t forget to dial 00 before the 20.