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November 2009

Pivotal Kirkuk & Israeli-presence.

This is a rushed translation of an important article on Kirkuk written by Wajdi Anwar Mardan.

Title : Did you know that the Israeli command and operation center for target assassinations is based in Kirkuk and do the Iraqis know why the Israeli rush for property acquisitions in Kirkuk?

This article was written in reply to a question that appeared in the Jordanian daily, Al-Dustur, a few days ago, by the journalist Hayat.H.Attiyah and who started her article with : Israeli Jews of Iraqi origins return en masse to Iraq, and are settling particularly in Kirkuk where they are buying all kinds of property. The journalist Hayat Attiyah asks the question: Why Kirkuk ?
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Solar cooking

For centuries, many peoples around the world have had to gather bundles of firewood for cooking … a process that not only produces carbon emissions but has a significant effect on health.

Smoke and fumes cause respiratory diseases killing an estimated 1.6 million people a year worldwide.

But as the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference approaches, one Norwegian inventor believes he has refined a simple technology that could have a major impact for ordinary people, their environment and the world. It’s called the Kyoto Box.

A Morally Bankrupt Military: When Soldiers and Their Families Become Expendable

dahr jamail

Rich’s advice to anyone thinking of joining the military today: “Don’t join. Everything they advertise and tell you about how it’s a family friendly army is a lie.”

The military operates through indoctrination. Soldiers are programmed to develop a mindset that resists any acknowledgment of injury and sickness, be it physical or psychological. As a consequence, tens of thousands of soldiers continue to serve, even being deployed to combat zones like Iraq and/or Afghanistan, despite persistent injuries. According to military records, over 43,000 troops classified as “nondeployable for medical reasons” have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan nevertheless.

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Berlin wall Art

BERLIN WALL INTERVAL (3min45sec/1992) from legovideo on Vimeo.

Gilad Atzmon: A new harsh media portrayal of the Israeli

Does everyone hate us? Possibly so’ (Why isn’t the Times doing this story?)

by Philip Weiss on November 12, 2009 · 9 comments

I know some people in my camp hate Israel. I don’t. I haven’t spent enough time there to be sure, and I love a couple people who live there (L’Israel lobby, c’est moi!). But a lot of people sure don’t like Israel these days, for very good reasons beginning with white phosphorus dropped on children. Sever Plocker writes at Ynet that he is thinking of turning down a chance to speak at Oxford because he fears the hectoring/rage that any Israeli gets in Europe these days. Notice the culprit Plocker finds: the Netanyahu gov’t. A sign that more and more pressure will come to bear on the Netanyahyu. Obama will be the last to join in, of course. But the collapse will come. Plocker:

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Miles of Smiles aid convoy breaks Gaza siege

Pappe banned in Munich

by Philip Weiss on November 12, 2009 · 9 comments

Omar Barghouti says that the last place he can organize BDS is in Germany. “First we do Tel Aviv,” he says. That’s because of the, er, history. Demonstrated here, in a decision by the Munich municipal authorities to stop a speech by Ilan Pappe under pressure from lobbyists. Pappe says it’s reminiscent of his own German Jewish father getting silenced in Germany in the ’30s. Thanks to Seham.


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