quaderGaza City, November 15, 2009, (Pal Telegraph) The ongoing Israeli siege has been gravely suffocating the life of people of the Gaza Strip. The fuel companies in the Gaza Strip have been warning of the imminent humanitarian crises that the cooking gas is about to get depletion after 25 days of cutting access to the Gaza fuel sanitation.

It is warily reported by Mahammed Al Shawwa, the head of the union of fuel companies in the Gaza Strip, that the gas sanitations in the Gaza Strip has stopped supplying people of their needs of the cooking gas.

It is worthily mentioning that the Israeli occupation authority has allowed limited amount of gas cooking in the last few months. Shawwa stated that for 25 days, the Israelis authorities haven’t allowed needed gas amount for the people of the Gaza Strip.

Shawwa clarified that the Israeli occupation authority has recently stopped using Al-Shajaia crossing to enter cooking gas and industrial diesel into Gaza and instead it allows in small quantities through Karam Abu Salem crossing which lacks infrastructure needed to supply Gaza with sufficient fuel shipments.

Shawwa appealed on the international community to put pressure on the Israeli side to allow the needed gas shipments entry in the Gaza Strip and to increase the shipments so as to alleviate part of the Gazans suffering and end the humanitarian crisis.

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