Palestinian Information Center


September 27, 2009

GAZA, (PIC) — The Palestinian ministry of health has declared that a number of Palestinian women in the Gaza Strip had delivered deformed babies and attributed the phenomenon to the Israeli occupation forces’ (IOF) use of internationally banned weapons during the latest war on Gaza.

Dr. Muawiya Hassanein, the director of the ambulance and emergency department, said that the deformities were caused by the IOF troops’ use of those weapons against civilians such as white phosphorus, dyme and various kinds of poisonous gases.

He noted that those weapons were intensively used in a number of areas in the Strip.

The health official said that only ten months after the war on Gaza five deformed embryos were detected for babies conceived during and after the war.

There could be other hereditary tragedies and diseases especially cancer as a result of the intensified use of those weapons, Hassanein underlined.

He said that a number of international investigation committees and institutions had taken samples of those weapons during their tour of Gaza but did not disclose them before the world to protect Israeli leaders from prosecution at international courts for crimes against humanity.