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September 5, 2009

Israeli Navy Incinerates Gaza Fishing Boat

The Israeli Navy attacks several fishing boats from Gaza City port. One is riddled with machine gun fire, then shelled and set on fire.

In November 2008 this boat was seized by the Israeli Navy and all the fishermen were abducted and transferred to Israel. The fishermen and boat were subsequently released without charge.

In June 2009 the Israeli Navy attacked the boat, riddling it with machine gun fire, causing extensive damage, and nearly killing the crew. The boat was then seized and the fishermen were abducted and transferred to Israel. On route to the port of Ashdod, Adham the captain of the fishing boat was beaten up by the Israeli sailors. The fishermen and the boat were subsequently released without charge.

Two days before this attack, the Israeli Navy killed a Palestinian fishermen in the same area. It’s reported that he was but four metres from shore when an Israeli gun boat fired at him. The shell decapitated him.

Naomi Klein at Bil’in

Prior to the demonstration a press conference took place, where a representative of the village’s popular committee, a member of the Palestinian Boycott National Committee and world renowned Canadian journalist and author Naomi Klein spoke of the local struggle, of the village’s new court case in Canada against Canadian companies building the new neighborhoods on Bil’in land, on the boycott, and of the inability to detach art and politics.

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