His widow writes :

July 20 marks the fourth anniversary of the passing of my beloved husband, companion in the struggle, our comrade, Basil Abu-Eid “Ghassan”.

Let’s celebrate his courage, his devotion to the Arab cause, in Palestine as in Iraq, his love for the people and their freedom, his internationalism and his commitment to the communist and anti-imperialist movement particularly within the PFLP of which he was a member. Let’s celebrate his straightforwardness the sharpness of his mind which went hand in hand with his actual commitment.

Let’s take this opportunity to show our solidarity with our imprisoned comrades so close to Basil’s heart and with the first among them, Ahmed SAADAT, PFLP’s president , locked up in the Zionist goals.

Let’s together remember the martyrs Georges Habache and Wahhid Haddad. Let them be our guides, as they were Ghassan’s, and may their commitment and their partisanship be forever an example for all of us.

Long live the peoples’ struggle !

Long live a free and Arab Palestine !

Long live PFLP !