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July 1, 2009

Israel`s stupidity matches Israel`s aggression

From the comments in Haaretz about the boat seizure

1. It is laughable that Israel is so scared of one tiny boat and 21 unarmed civilians. This shows the level of cowardice in Israel.

2. Israel has made sure this story will gain the publicity that allowing the boat to reach Gaza would not have created.

3. Israel has confiscated medical supplies, toys and olive trees, all items guaranteed to make Israel look pathetic.

4. Israel has again proven that they still occupy Gaza.

5. What is the difference between Somali pirates and the Israeli navy? The Israeli navy has no excuse for their actions.

6. Israel seem hellbent on making sure that Shalit stays in Gaza for the rest of his life.

Israel is not only a joke but it`s own worse enemy. I can`t wait to see how Israel spins this to a world still waiting for justice after the Gazan genocide of Jan/Dec.

Israel stops aid ship to Gaza

Israel maintains a blockade of the
Gaza Strip [AFP]

The Israeli navy has intercepted an aid ship on its way to Gaza, pro-Palestinian activists say.

Members of the US-based Free Gaza Movement, who were on board the boat, said on Tuesday the Israeli navy threatened to open fire unless they turned the boat around.

The Israeli government denied any threats were made, or that any shots were fired, but said they warned the boat not to cross into Gazan waters.

The boat had set off from Cyprus on Monday, carrying humanitarian supplies for Gaza, which remains under an Israeli blockade.

Humanitarian crisis

Speaking to Al Jazeera, Caoimhe Butterly, a spokesperson for the Free Gaza movement, said: “This is the third humanitarian relief boat and solidarity mission that has been aggressively stopped by the Israeli army.

“The humanitarian situation is at crisis point. There has been a systematic and deliberate destruction of the humanitarian infrastructure of Gaza.

“We were taking medical supplies and medical equipment and limited amounts of building material … although $4 bn has been pledged to the Gaza Strip for reconstruction … no cement or building supplies are allowed in as a result of the siege.

“We need to up the ante and to mount more actions and convoys of this nature,” she said.

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