Because it was in our name that in 1945 the United Nations charter was signed…

Because it was in our name that in 1947 the Partition plan for Palestine was approved by the UN General Assembly…

Because it was in our name that in 1949 the Geneva Conventions were signed…

Because not a single UN resolution on Palestine, also adopted in our name, has been implemented by the state of Israel ; and because the latter has, since its foundation, constantly violated the UN principles and the international conventions, in complete impunity and with growing cynicism,

We, citizens of the world, have the duty today to remind the international community of its obligations !

We solemnly request
that the UN General Assembly make use of its power to create subsidiary bodies in order to set up an ad-hoc penal court (as was done for the former Yugoslavia and for Rwanda by the Security Council) and try the crimes committed in Palestine.

As of today we demand :

– The end of all and any exaction against the Palestinian people and an international protection of the latter

– The full and complete lifting of the siege on the Gaza Strip

– The mandatory implementation of all UN resolutions on Palestine and the prescription of international law, under the constraint of international sanctions if need be. Israel is a state like any other, with the same rights and the same duties.

We request specifically that any accord of cooperation with Israel be suspended until that state respects the UN resolutions.

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