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April 17, 2009

Gaza war crimes by ~Latuff2


Artist’s Comments

As if putting 1.5 million people at risk of starvation was not enough, Israel weighed a brutal attack on Gaza, killing more than 1000 people, including women and children. Once again I beg you reader, my brothers and sisters-in-arts, to spread these cartoons. Reproduce them in posters, newspapers, magazines, zines, blogs, everywhere. Let’s make the voice of the Gaza people to be heard all around the world. Thank you, in the name of the Palestinians of Gaza.


Israel turns back 250 tons of truckloads of food

CAIRO, April 16 (KUNA) — Israeli troops manning the land Al-Ojah checkpoint in Central Sinai sent back 13 truckloads of 250 tons of flour dispatched by the Egyptian Red Crescent to Gaza Strip on Thursday.
The official Egyptian news agency, the Middle East News Agency, quoted a source in the association as saying that the Israeli authorities have hampered dispatch of aid to the Palestinians in Gaza Strip through this checkpoint.
The source indicated that Egyptian authorities, had in the past, coordinated with the Israeli side for the dispatch of the humanitarian aid to the Palestinians. Up to 315 tons of food aid were sent to the strip through the land passageways on Monday.
He indicated that the quality of returned food materials would be affected due to hard weather conditions.
About 10,000 tons of food dispatched by Egyptians, Arabs and foreigners, have been kept in warehouses in Egypt since they were dispatched last December. He warned that they would expire soon, before delivery to the Gazans. (end) rg.hs KUNA 161817 Apr 09NNNN

UNICEF: Niger villages say “No” to female genital mutilation

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