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* Founder of The Arab American Literature
* First Lebanese Arab to:
– Introduce free verse to modern Arabic poetry
– Write and publish a novel in English Writer And Author of:
– 29 volumes in English
– 26 volumes in Arabic


Born in Freike, Lebanon, on November 24, 1876, Ameen Rihani was one of six children and the oldest son of a Lebanese Maronite raw silk manufacturer, then a flourishing local industry. His father had commercial ambitions which beckoned him to America. In the summer of 1888, Ferris Rihani, the father, sent his brother and eldest son, Ameen, to the United States and followed a year later….

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A few quotations :

My wish is to live without disliking anyone,
To love without being jealous of anyone,
To rise without being elevated over anyone, and
To advance without stepping on anyone or becoming envious of those above me
(translated from Arabic)

(Ar Rihaniyat)

I am the East,
I am the corner stone
Of the first temple of God
And the first throne of Humanity…

I am the East,
I possess philosophies and creeds
So who would exchange them with me for technology

(translated from Arabic)

(Hutaf-ul Awdiya)

Like the seasons of the year, like history, truth always repeats itself…THE PATH OF VISION

….And especially to my friends, the writers, I invite you to travel with me to a land that is magical despite its poverty, to a people that is generous despite its conflicts and disagreements, and to a nation that is free and dignified despite its limitations.
(translated from Arabic)
Introduction to KINGS OF ARABIA

(Muluk-ul ‘Arab) Source