Viva Palestina Convoy Update
19.00 (GMT) Friday 6th March 2009

After a long rest at Matruh, the Viva Palestina convoy started the day late by heading east. Apparently, some were so exhausted that they slept on till late morning.

Divided into groups to make the drive and escort manageable, they were planning to stop for Friday prayers along the way. Some groups were delayed and could not make it.

They are driving to JEMSA (GEMSA) on the coast, their next location for the night. I am told that it is looking like midnight by the time the last vehicle reaches the coastal town. A reception and dinner is being organised by the local authorities.

On that note, Akhbar Elyom newspaper reported today that the General Secretariat of the National Party is overseeing the reception and monitoring the progress of the convoy across various provinces. Working groups have been set up to ensure the various services are provided to the convoy such as accommodation, food and fuel. Young guides and helpers will be on hand to assist convoy members when they stop in their cities.

According to today, a source from the convoy confirmed that the name of the convoy has been changed to ‘SOUAD VIVA PALESTINA’ as a sign of respect and commemoration for the Libyan journalist Souad Abu Shiba after her tragic death whilst travelling to cover the convoy story.

Some extra good news arrived today from Egypt where the SCOTISH MEDICAL AID CONVOY arrived this morning in the Red Sea port of Nuweiba. They will be heading north through the Sinai.

The ‘Souad Viva Palestina’ convoy is expected to set off in the morning for the East El Salam Bridge where they will stop for lunch, then a long drive will follow for the town of El Arich where a rally is expected to take place from 7.00pm.

Translated and prepared by Farid Arada