Viva Palestina Convoy Update
19.00 (GMT) Monday 2nd March 2009

‘They just would not let us leave without us sharing a banquet lunch with them,’ one of our drivers said about the generous and kind people of Misrata.

In the Amman Family Tourist village by the sea, our convoy enjoyed a well deserved break in a 5* setting of chalets and restaurants.

‘These people are the most beautifull people we have encountered, they came in their droves from all over Misrata to see us and savour the moment,’ another driver said.

It was not until around 4.00pm our time that they set off for RAS LANOUF, their next stop for the night passing through the city of SIRT.

They all seem in high spirits. It is obvious that Libya has provided them with the facilities to recuperate and recharge before pushing on towards Gaza.

George, who is with the convoy, said to Libya Elyoum newspaper, that it is thanks to the Gaddafi Foundation and its head Seyf El-Islam Gaddafi, that this convoy is enjoying a smooth crossing of Libya, and that he was keen to establish a partnership with this foundation to guarantee the success of the convoy. He also said that ‘we say little and achieve much’

George said that theLlibyan contingent of about 100 trucks ‘knows the road to Gaza’ because they are better than any map in the world in helping our drivers get to their ultimate destination safely.

He goes on to add that a number of British and Egyptian personalities are expected to join the convoy in Egypt including members of parliament and film stars.

As I am writing,they are now stopping KHAZZAN ALKARDABIA where a festive ‘gala dinner’ awaits them. They will then set off for Ras Lanouf for their overnight stay.

Prepared and translated by Farid Arada