Viva Palestina Email Alert
Sunday 1st March 2009


They came in their thousands in the Green Public square of Tripoli attending a big rally to welcome the Viva Palestina humanitarian Gaza convoy. This is the first of many planned in Libya.

Ambassadors, dignitaries, representatives from the Gadaffi Foundation as well as the children of Palestine spoke of the horrors and the tragedy of Gaza.

Gift bags containing caps, T-Shirts, books were given to members of the convoy as a gesture of thanks and admiration for their efforts to get the aid to the destitute people of Gaza.

It was announced at the rally, to the cheers of all the people and to the relief of our convoy members, that Egypt has agreed to let the convoy through to Gaza. It will be one less matter to worry about and they need now only concentrate on the noble goal they set out to achieve when their vehicles rolled from the UK on the 14th February.

Up to 100 Libyan trucks are joining the convoy starting with the Tripoli contingent today – including ambulances and a fire engine. The Gaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation (GICDF) is sending a considerable quantity of medical aid.

After drinks and sandwiches, they headed for the city of Misrata passing with possibly a stop in Khums.

Farid Arada