Clive at Viva Palestina
Viva Palestina Email Alert
21.30 GMT Wednesday 25th February

Early this evening the convoy crossed into Tunisia to the tears and cheers of the massive Algerian crowds who waived them off at the border crossing.


The Algerian consul as well as some officials wished them all the best for the remainder of their long journey.

The convoy will not be travelling via Tunis. The next stop for the night will be in GAFSA where hotel accommodation has apparently been arranged. They are driving under police escort and everyone is doing well, reflecting on crossing Algeria – the second largest country in Africa.

I have just received a first hand account of the massive public support the convoy received from its crossing the borders to the town of Gafsa where people have lined the streets and greeted the Viva Palestina convoy with cheers, flags, water, juice, dates, food…

Even at this time of the night, the town is buzzing as it receives the heroes who are a symbol of hope to a just cause.

The next stop will be the borders with Libya unless the convoy decides to take a well deserved day off.

Farid Arada

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